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COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Library and other information resources about SARS-CoV -2 /COVID-19

Trying to make sense of coronavirus COVID-19? News, data, and government sources

I like these Canadian reporters, Branswell (and Belluz, who is on maternity leave)  They consistently link to a other good of Covid-19 in eastern North America 3/5/2020 (Johns Hopkins)

Research -- Where to start

You will still probably want to start with PubMed.  But see LitCoVid version, link just below.

Note -- These are not  the best links for full text access to content other than for coronavirus Covid-19.  These publishers are offering Covid-19 landing pages and making all content free.

Datrmouth Atlas; Point of care resources; Translational resources

Dartmouth Atlas Project -- Mapping COVID-19

This "translational" website looks useful (by Indiana U./Purdue/Notre Dame):

Expert Reviews of Relevant and Emerging Literature

Expert Responses to Key Questions

Recent overviews -- Where we stand; Information literacy and the coronavirus.

Interview with John Barry, historian of the 1918-1919 flu, by Sean Illing, Vox (news). 2020. “The Most Important Lesson of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Tell the Damn Truth.”

Begley, Sharon, and Helen Branswell. 2020. “How We Can Avoid Screwing up the Response to Covid-19 Again.” Stat, June 5, 2020.

Information Literacy and the information chaos around Covid-19

SIFTing through the coronavirus pandemic -- Mike Caulfield's good information habits

Note that the first practice is to STOPSlow down.  (Let the emotion flow away.)

Also see our library presentation, Combatting Covid-19 Misinformation and Disinformation, video and slides.

Harris, Lauren. 2020. “The Pandemic and the Information Network.” Columbia Journalism Review, May 22, 2020.

Zimmer, Carl. 2020. “How You Should Read Coronavirus Studies, or Any Science Paper.” The New York Times, June 1, 2020, sec. Science.

Health Science Librarians -- Readings recommended by Dean Giustini.  Also see his Coronavirus 2019 Wiki (and his Twitter feed).

Ashrafi-rizi, Hasan, and Zahra Kazempour. 2020. “Information Typology in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis; a Commentary.” Archives of Academic Emergency Medicine 8 (1).

Naeem, Salman Bin, and Rubina Bhatti. 2020. “The Covid-19 ‘Infodemic’: A New Front for Information Professionals.” Health Information & Libraries Journal n/a (n/a).

Shokraneh, Farhad. 2020. “Keeping up with Studies on Covid-19: Systematic Search Strategies and Resources.” BMJ 369 (April).

Shokraneh, Farhad, and Tony Russell-Rose. 2020. “Lessons from COVID-19 to Future Evidence Synthesis Efforts: First Living Search Strategy and out of Date Scientific Publishing and Indexing Industry.” Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, April.

Summer and Fall 2020

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