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SPE 5030 Research Informing Practice in Special Education: Information Cycle

What are you searching?

Are you a wise consumer of information?  Do you know what the content is of the resource you are searching?

  • Does it cover the subject area, time period, type of literature you need? 
  • Who is responsible for the resource? 
    • A government agency?
    • The profession's professional association?
    • A reputable database vendor to which your library or school system subscribes?
    • A university?

Locate the About or other responsibility statement in these resources. 

Who is responsible?  What subjects are covered?  What types of literature is included?

Information Cycle

Your Information Ecosystem

What information sources do you use and how do you evaluate them?

Evaluating Sources for Credibility - watch

How to Choose Your News - watch

Breaking News Consumer's Handbook - Fake News Edition