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WRC 1103- Democracy: An Owner's Manual: Spaces and Equipment

This guide was created to aid students in their research process for WRC 1103- Democracy: An Owner's Manual. This course is taught by Dr. Joseph J. Gonzalez.

What's on Each Floor

Lower Level 

K-12 Instructional Material, University Writing Center, Tech Check Out Desk, Journals and Archived Periodicals, Instruction Rooms (024 026 and 028), VHS's, Recording Booth, Digital Media Studio

1st floor
Library Service Desk, Student Login Computers, Public Access Computers, Study Tables and Rooms, Reading Room, DVD's, Current Periodicals, Reserves, Reference Material,  Self Check Out, Research Help (RAP Requests), Wired Scholar Coffee Shop, Lost and Found, Soft Seating, Phone/Device Charging Stations, Conference/Classroom 114

2nd floor
Main Stacks Material (A-J), Study Rooms and Tables, Student Login Computers, Bibliographic Services, Soft Seating, Phone/Device Charging Stations

3rd floor
Main Stacks Material (K-Z), Study Rooms and Tables, Student Login Computers, Tech Services

4th floor
Appalachian Collection, Rhinehart Room, Conference Room 421, Library Administration, Archives






Book a Study Room

The Belk  Library has many spaces available to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. We have study tables, soft seating and various other spaces you are welcome to use. We also have these more specialized spaces:

Private Study Rooms
There are study rooms available for checkout to students, faculty and staff throughout the semester. You book these yourself by going to either of the following links.

Quiet Study - Reading Room
The third floor is the quiet floor of the Belk Library. Please be respectful of others when utilizing this floor.

Media Viewing Room
Many of our study rooms are equipped with computers and mounted monitors. You are welcome to use these for viewing DVD's, online or streaming content. Room 232 is our dedicated viewing room. This room is available for a two-hour check out period at the Library Service Desk (1st Floor). It is equipped with both a DVD player, a VCR and a PC.

Book a room today!

Equipment Checkout

Printing, Copying and Scanning