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BIO 5000: Bibliography and Research in Biology: Video Tutorials

Searching video tutorials

NB:  Some webpages illustrated in the videos have changed since these three were made in 2019.  Use your scientific common sense to locate the new paths to the correct links.  I'll remake these videos eventually.  JA


The three (3) videos below explain some 'best practices' in searching and finding Biology articles.  The videos were made prior to COVID and may occasionally refer to a circumstance in the physical library building that may or may not apply now depending on what COVID phase we find ourselves.


The first video (btw: begins with a black screen) explains four (4) searching tools that will make you a better searcher.  Most of these techniques apply broadly across all databases. This one is almost 20 minutes long.  The sound quality is mediocre; my office was more resonant than I imagined.  I fixed the sound in the next two videos.  The link:


The second video explains what databases may be most useful for you to use in Biology.  13 minutes.  The link:


The third video explains how to obtain articles and books that ASU does not own.  8 minutes.  The link:



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