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Faculty Guide to Swank Digital Campus -- Adding streaming feature and documentary films to your ASULearn course: Swank Streaming Video

Set up streaming video for your students through ASULearn

What films does Swank have?

What movies does Swank have?  A lot of them!  Swank Motion Pictures is distributor for many of the major Hollywood and other movie companies.  Search here to see if Swank Digital Campus has the film you need for your students.

Swank -- Getting started

Faculty request permission through the Library to add streaming access to their AsULearn course.  Contact your librarian, who will contact Swank.

The process may take up to 10 days.  Faculty will receive access to Appalachian's interface containing licensed films and html code that they can insert into AsULearn.  The license will extend to the end of the current semester.

Students may need to download Microsoft Silverlight or other add-on/extension to watch.

Guide for other Library streaming video

Not for Public Screenings

These licenses are for streaming video for specific classes, not for public viewings.  (Swank is usually who we call first when we do buy public viewing rights.  We don't do this often, because it's usually very expensive.)

Swank licenses by the semester.

For now, we buy 6 month licenses from Swank to stream films.  These are not permanent and they usually expire the next June 30th or December 31st.  In almost all cases, we can easily license another 6 months, if needed.  Ask us, if you want to repeat using a film next semester.