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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects F

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, F


411 Motor Speedway

Fabrication; SEE Race Car Technology

Factory Support; SEE
            Automobile Manufacturers–Racing Support
            names of specific manufacturers, ie, General Motors

Fadden, Stanley “Stub”

Faggart, Robby        

Fair, Joy

Fairbury American Legion Speedway

Fairgrounds, Racing at; SEE Local Racing

Fairgrounds Speedway at Nashville; SEE Music City Motorplex

Families, Racing: SEE
            Racing Families
            names of specific families, ie, Allison Family

Fan Fest; SEE ALSO NASCAR–Fan Benefits

Fangio, Juan Manuel 

            Event Prices
            Fan Fest
            NASCAR–Fan Benefits

Fans, African-American

Fans, Female 

Fans–Fighting; SEE Fighting

Fans–Garage Access; SEE Garage Access


Fans, Millennial

Fans, Minority

Fans--Sponsor Loyalty

Fantasy Racing

Fanz Racing 

Farley Speedway

Farmer, Cotton 

Farmer, Red 

Farmington Speedway

Farris, Mike; SEE ALSO TKO Motorsports

FASCAR Sunbelt Super Late Model Series

Fast Masters Championship

Fastrak Racing Series

Faulk Family

Faulkner, Watt

Fausel, Chuck

Fear Factor

Featherlite Modified Series 

Fedewa, Tim 

Feese, Blake 

Fehr, Freddy

Fellows, Ron 

Fennig, Jimmy; SEE ALSO Bobby Allison Motorsports

            NASCAR–Antitrust Issues
            Nextel Cup Series–Schedule
            Texas Motor Speedway

Fernandez, Adrian

Ferrari Racing

            Drivers--On-Track Behavior
            Names of individuals, ie, Busch, Kurt

FIA World Touring Car Championships

Fiction; SEE Literature

Fidanza, Sege

Field Fillers; SEE Starting Field Size

Fielden, Greg

Figari, Lou

Fighting; SEE ALSO
            Drivers–Anger Management
            names of specific people or events, ie, Daytona 500

Figure-8 Racing


Finch, James; SEE ALSO Phoenix Racing

Fines; SEE
            NASCAR–Policing the Sport

Finland, Racing in

Fiore, Mario

Fire; SEE ALSO headings under Safety

Fire Suits; SEE ALSO headings under Safety

Firebird International Raceway

Firecracker 400; SEE Pepsi 400

Firsts; SEE Trivia

Fishel, Herb 

Fisher, Sarah


Fittipaldi, Christian 

Fitz, Armando

Fitzbradshaw Racing

Fitzcharles, Glen

Fitzgerald, Jason

Five Mile Point Speedway




Flathead Ford; SEE ALSO
            Distilling, Illicit
            Flathead Racing

Flathead Racing; SEE ALSO Flathead Ford

Fleming, Frank 

Flemington Speedway

Flemke, Eddie 

Fletcher, Dave

Flick, Pee Wee

Flinner, John

Flock, Bob

Flock Family; SEE ALSO
            Flock, Bob
            Flock, Fonty
            Flock, Tim

Flock, Fonty

Flock, Tim 

Florence Motor Speedway (South Carolina)

Florence Speedway (Kentucky)

Florida Pro Series

Florida, Racing in; SEE ALSO
            Daytona 500
            Daytona Beach, Races on
            Florida Pro Series

Florida Speedway

Florida Suncoast Dome

Flory Family

Flying; SEE ALSO names of individuals, ie, Allison, Bobby 

Flynn, Larry

Flynn, Rob

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, F

Follmer, George  

Fond du Lac County Speedway; SEE Oakfield Speedway

Fonda Speedway; SEE ALSO Johnson, Jack

Food; SEE ALSO Racetracks--Concessions

Foote, Red

Force, Ashley; SEE Hood, Ashley Force

Force, John

Forcythe, Roy “Pappy”

Ford, Henry; SEE ALSO Ford Motor Company

Ford, Mike 

Ford Motor Company; SEE ALSO
           Ford, Henry
            Ford Racing

Ford Racing; SEE ALSO Flathead Ford

Foreign Drivers; SEE
            Drivers, International
            names of specific drivers, ie, Fernandez, Adrian

Foreign Race Cars; SEE
            Automobile Manufacturers, Foreign
            International Division (NASCAR)
            names of specific companies, ie, Jaguar

Formula 1 Racing

Formula 2 Racing

Formula 5000 Racing

Fornoro, Nick Sr.

Foster, Jim 

Foster, Jimmy

Fountain, Harold

Fox Family

Fox, Ray 

Fox, Ray III 

Foyt, A. J.; SEE ALSO A. J. Foyt Racing

Foyt, A. J. IV

Foyt, Larry

Frame, Fred

France, Bill Jr.; SEE ALSO
            France Family

France, Bill Sr.; SEE ALSO
            France Family

France, Brian; SEE ALSO
            France Family

France Family; SEE ALSO
            France, Bill Jr.
            France, Bill Sr.
            France, Brian
            France, Jim
            Kennedy, Lesa

France, Jim; SEE ALSO France Family 


Franchitti, Dario

Frank, Chub 

Frank, Larry 

Franklin County Speedway

Frasson, Joe

Frazee, Pete

Freedom Speedway

Freeport Stadium 

Fremont Speedway 

Frey, Bob

Friel, Norris


Friendship Motor Speedway

Friesen, Stan

Friesen, Stewart

Fritz, Doug; SEE Richmond International Raceway

Fritz, Ted 

Frogtown International Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Central New York Mini-Sprints
            Mohawk International Raceway

Front Row Motorsports

Fryar, Freddy 

            Alcohol as a Fuel
            Nitro Fuels

Fuel Injection System; SEE Race Car Technology

Fuel Mileage; SEE Gasoline Mileage

Fuge, Dave; SEE ALSO
            TriStar Motorsports
            XPress Racing

Fukuyama, Hideo 

Full Time Racing 

Fuller, Tim 

Fullwood, Bill

Fulmer, W. M

Fulton Speedway

Fun Cup Series

Funny Cars; SEE ALSO Drag Racing

Furniture Row Racing

Furr, Tony

Fusco, Andy