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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects S

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, S


Saathoff, Johnny

Sabates, Felix; SEE ALSO
            Alan Kulwicki Racing
            SABCO Racing

            Petty, Kyle
            Sabates, Felix

Sacks, Greg

Sacramento Speedway; SEE West Capital Raceway

Sadler, Elliott; SEE ALSO Sadler Family

Sadler Family

Sadler, Hermie: SEE ALSO Sadler Family

SAFER Barriers; SEE Soft Walls

Safety; SEE ALSO
            Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
            Deaths, Track
            Fire Suits
            Head and Neck Restraint Devices
            NASCAR Research and Development Center
            NASCAR–Research and Development Operations
            Race Car Seats
            Racing and Highway Safety
            Seat Belts
            Soft Walls
            subheadings in this section


Safety–Pit Crews; SEE ALSO Gasoline

Safety–Spectators; SEE ALSO Weather

Safety Teams

Said, Boris

Salaries; SEE
            Drivers–Salaries, Benefits
            Race Teams–Salaries, Benefits

Salazar, Eliseo

Salem Speedway

Salem Super Speedway; SEE Salem Speedway

Sall, Bob

Salvino, Ralph

Samples, Ed

San Antonio Speedway

San Diego Motor Speedway

San Jose Speedway

Sanair Super Speedway

Sanctioned Tracks; SEE Racetracks, Sanctioned

Sanctioning Bodies; SEE ALSO names of specific associations, ie, U.S. Auto Club

Sanders, Ronnie

Sandia Motorsports Park

Santa Cruz Speedway

Santa Fe Speedway

Santa Maria Speedway

Santee Family

Santerre, Andy

Santos, Bobby Sr.

Santos, Bobby III

SARA; SEE Southern Auto Racing Association

Sargent, Mike

Sather, Natalie

Sauer, Sam

Saugus Speedway

Saunders, Dave

Sauter Family

Sauter, Jay 

Sauter, Jim 

Sauter, Johnny

Sauter, Tim

Sawyer, Elton

Sawyer, Paul; SEE ALSO Richmond International Raceway

Saxton, Ernie

Saylor, Connie

Scanners; SEE Race Watching

SCCA; SEE Sports Car Club of America

Sceva, Neal

Schaible, Robert “Hoop”

Schiff, Danny

Schild, Gerald

Schill, Al

Schindler, Bill

Schneider, Frankie

Scholarships; SEE Education Programs

Schoolfield, Hank

Schoonover, Terry

Schrader, Gus

Schrader, Ken; SEE ALSO Ken Schrader Racing

Schrock, Vern

Schulz, Karen

Schumacher, Don; SEE ALSO Don Schumacher Racing

Schumacher, Tony; SEE ALSO Don Schumacher Racing


Scorers; SEE Race Scorers

Scoring; SEE Race Scoring

Scott, Brian

Scott, Henry Jr.

Scott, Wendell; SEE ALSO Minorities in Racing

Screven Motor Speedway

Seagraves, Ralph

Sealmaster Racing Team

Searles Family

Sears, John

Sears Point Raceway

Seat Belts

Seay, Lloyd

Sebring International Raceway

SECRA; SEE Southeastern Car Racing Association

Security; SEE Racetracks--Security

Sedalia State Fair Speedway

Sedgwick, Bill

Seeger, George

Seils/Pizzo Racing

Selinsgrove Speedway

Sellers, Peyton

Sells, Leon “Slick”

Senior Drivers–Racing; SEE
            Drivers, Veteran
            Fast Masters Championship

Senneker, Bob

Senoia Racway; SEE Pollard, Hence

Settlemyre, John

Setzer, Dennis

Setzer, Mark

Sexual Discrimination

Seymore, Stewart

Shady Bowl

Shahan, Shirley

Shampine, Jim

Shangri-La Speedway

Sharon Speedway

Sharp, Eddie

Sharp, Linda

Sharp, Scott

Shawano Speedway

Shear, Joe

Shelby, Carroll

Shelby Fairgrounds

Shelmerdine, Kirk; SEE ALSO Richard Childress Racing

Shepard, Jeff

Shepherd, Morgan; SEE ALSO Wood Brothers

Sheppard, Brandon

Sheppard, T. G.

Sherman, Brent

Shilling, Dorothy; SEE Fremont Speedway

Shock Absorbers; SEE ALSO Race Car Set-Up

Shoemaker, Kenny

Shootouts–NASCAR (Races)

Short, Carl

Short, Pie

Short Track Auto Racing Series

Short Track Racing

Short Tracks; SEE ALSO
            Short Track Racing
            names of specific tracks, ie, Bristol Motor Speedway

Show Cars

Showalter, Gary

Shuman, Buddy

Shutt, Tim

Silk, Ron

Silly Season

Silo Speedway

Silver Crown Series (USAC)

Silver Spring Speedway

Silvestro, Simona de; SEE de Silvestro, Simona

Simko, David

Simko-Schacht, Patty

Simmons, Buck

Simo, Brian

Simon, Dianne

Simon, Dick; SEE ALSO Dick Simon Racing

Simpson, Bill; SEE ALSO Earnhardt, Dale–Death--Cause

Simpson, Max

Simulated Racing

Singer, Pat

Single Car Teams; SEE Race Teams, Single Car

Sinon, Chad

Sioux Falls Fairgrounds

Sipes, Rick

Siscone, Tony

16th Street Speedway

SK Modified Racing

Skagit Speedway

Skelly, Barry

Skelton, Betty

Skinner, Jamie

Skinner, Mike; SEE ALSO
            Morgan-McClure Motorsports
            Richard Childress Racing

Skoal Bandit Racing


Slater, Bill

Slim Jim All Pro Series

Slinger Super Speedway

Small Racetracks; SEE Racetracks, Small

SMART; SEE Southern Modified Auto Racing Teams

Smith, Al

Smith, Archie

Smith, Barney

Smith, Bill

Smith, Bruton; SEE ALSO
            Charlotte Motor Speedway
            Wheeler, "Humpy"

Smith, Carroll

Smith, Casey

Smith, David; SEE ALSO Richard Childress Racing

Smith, Don

Smith, Dumont

Smith, Dylan

Smith, Freddie

Smith, George, Sr.

Smith, Harold W.

Smith, Jack

Smith, Jim; SEE ALSO Ultra Motorsports

Smith, Larry

Smith, Louise

Smith, Marcus

Smith, Mark

Smith, Perry

Smith, Regan

Smith, Roscoe

Smith, Stanley

Smith, Steve

Smoking; SEE ALSO Tobacco Advertising

Smokstad, Lisa

Smoky Mountain Raceway; SEE Smoky Mountain Speedway

Smoky Mountain Speedway

Sneva, Tom

Snowball Derby

Soap Box Derby

Social Media

Sociological Aspects of Racing; SEE
            Automobile Racing–Sociological Interpretations
            Cultural Aspects of Racing

Sodus Microd Club

Soft Walls; SEE ALSO
            Colton, Bob
            Names of specific racetracks, ie, Watkins Glen International

Solar Power; SEE Green Inititatives

Soldier Field

Sommers, Sam

Sonoco Ultra Racing News

Sorenson, Reed

Sosebee, Brian

Sosebee, Gober

Sospenzo, Peter

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, S

South Africa, Racing in

South America; SEE International Stock Car Racing

South Boston Speedway

South Carolina, Racing in

South Central Indiana Racing Association; SEE SCIRA

South Dakota, Racing in

South Georgia Motorsports Park

Southall, Johnny “Perry”

Southampton Motor Speedway

Southeast Series (formerly All-Pro Series);

Southeastern Car Racing Association

Southeastern International Dragway

Southern All-Star Series

Southern Auto Racing Association

Southern 500; SEE ALSO Darlington Raceway

Southern Modified Auto Racing Teams (SMART)

Southern National Raceway Park

Southern Ohio Speedway

Southern Touring Asphalt Racing Series

Southern United Professional Racing Series

Southland Speedway; SEE Raleigh Speedway

Southside Speedway

Southwest Dirtcar Late Model Series

Southwest Tour Series

Souvenirs; SEE ALSO

Sowle, Bob

Spark Plugs

Spalding, Wib

Spartanburg Fairgrounds

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Spectators; SEE
            Race Attendance

Speed; SEE
            Pit Road--Speeds
            Race Speeds

Speed Channel; SEE ALSO Television Programs

Speed, Lake

Speed Records

Speed, Scott

Speedvision; SEE Speed Channel

Speedway Benefits

Speedway Division (NASCAR)

Speedway 51

Speedway, Indiana

Speedway Motorsports, Inc.; SEE ALSO
            Racetracks–Economic Aspects
            Speedway Motorsports--Annual Reports

Speedway Motorsports--Annual Reports

Speedweeks; SEE Daytona Speedweeks

Speer, James David

Spencer, Ed

Spencer, G. C.

Spencer, Jimmy; SEE ALSO
            Bobby Allison Motorsports
            Junior Johnson Race Team
            Phoenix Racing

Spencer Speedway

Speth, Ernie

Spiers, Irwin “Speedy”

Spinks, Billy

Spoilers; SEE
            Stock Cars--Technical Specifications

Spokane County Raceway

Sponsors; SEE ALSO
            Collegiate Sponsors
            Corporate Sponsors 
            Fans--Sponsor Loyalty
            Government Sponsors
            Military Sponsors
            NASCAR--Sponsor Conflicts

Sponsorship Marketing; SEE ALSO Corporate Sponsors

Sports Agents; SEE ALSO  names of specific people, ie, Agajanian, Cary

Sports Car Club of America; SEE ALSO
            Canadian-American Challenge Series
            ProRalley Series
            Trans-Am Series

Sports Car Racing; SEE ALSO
            Canadian-American Challenge Series
            Grand American Road Racing Association
            ProRalley Series
            Trans-Am Series

Sportsman Division (NASCAR)

Sportsman Speedway (Tennessee)

Sportsman's Speedway

Spotters; SEE Race Spotters

Sprague, Jack

Spring Lake Speedway

Springfield Speedway

Sprinkle, Jimmy

Sprint Cars; SEE ALSO
            American Sprint Car Series
            California Racing Association
            Midwest Spring Association
            Speedway Division (NASCAR)
            World of Outlaws

Sprint Cup Series; SEE ALSO
            Nextel Cup Series
            Winston Cup Series

Sprint Cup Series–Race Schedule

Squier, Ken

SRX; SEE Superstar Racing Experience

St. James, Lyn

ST Motorsports; SEE ALSO Kingsford Products Company

Stacy, J. D.

Stacy, Jim

Stafford Speedway

Stage Racing

Stagger (Tires); SEE Race Car Set-Up

Staley, Enoch; SEE ALSO North Wilkesboro Speedway

Stallworth, Wayne

Stamps; SEE Postage Stamps

Standridge, Billy

Standridge Family

Stanley, Robbie

Star Speedway

Starr, Bill

Starr, David

          Dirt Track Racing
          Short Track Auto Racing Series
          Southern Touring Asphalt Racing Series

Start and Park; SEE Starting Field Size

Starters, Race; SEE Flagmen

Starting Field Size

Starting Times, Races; SEE NASCAR--Race Starting Times

State Fair Speedway

Stateline Speedway

Stavola, Mickey

Stecl. Jack

Steele, Dave

Steele, Tim

Stefanik, Mike

Stellfox, Mares

Stenhouse, Ricky Jr.

Stevens, Bugs

Stewart, Cliff

Stewart-Haas Racing

Stewart, Tony; SEE ALSO 
            Eldora Speedway
            Ward, Kevin

Stock Car Challenge Series

Stock Car Racing--Official State Sport; SEE North Carolina--State Sport

Stock Cars–Technical Specifications; SEE ALSO
            Race Car Technical Inspection
            Race Car Technology
            Race Cars–Templates
            U.S. Auto Club

Stockham, Corky

Stockton 99 Speedway

Stoddard, Frank; SEE ALSO Roush Racing

Stone, Bruce

Stonkus, Ray

Stormville Speedway

Stott, Ramo

Stowell, Todd

STP; SEE ALSO Salvino, Ralph

Streaming Live; SEE ALSO
            Television Broadcasting

Street Stock Racing

Stremme, Bobby

Stremme, David

Stress; SEE Occupational Stress

Strickler, Kyle

Stricklin, Hut; SEE ALSO
            Alabama Gang
            Bobby Allison Motorsports
            Donlavey Racing
            Junior Johnson Race Team

Strictly Stock Division

Stroppe, Bill

Strube Family


Stunt Drivers. SEE ALSO Teter, Earl M. “Lucky”

Suarez, Daniel

Substance Abuse. SEE
             Drug Use
             NASCAR--Drug Policies

Sullivan County Speedway

Sullivan, Danny

Sullivan, Tim

Summerour, Jimmy

Summers, George

Summerville Speedway

Sumter Speedway

Sun Valley Speedway; SEE Ada Raceway

Sundance Mountain Speedway

Sunoco, Inc.

Sunset Speedway

Sunshine Speedway

Super Cup Stock Car Series

Super Modified Racing

Superbird; SEE Plymouth Superbird

Superior Speedway

Superspeedways; SEE ALSO
            Restrictor Plate Racing
            names of specific tracks, ie, Talladega Superspeedway

Superstar Racing Experience (SRX)


SUPR Series; SEE Southern United Professional Racing Series


Susquehanna Speedway Park

Sutton, Kelly

Sutton, Len

Swaim, Frank

Swaim, Mike Jr.

Swaim, Ronny

Swaim, Travis

Swan Racing

Swartz, Charlie

Swearing; SEE Cursing

Sweet, Randy

Sweeten, Bob

Sweikert, Bob

Swindell, Sammy

Swift, Nolan

Swims, Mike

Switzerland, Racing in

Sycamore Speedway

Syracuse Moody Mile; SEE New York State Fairgrounds