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Teaching Middle and High School Science: Professional Organizations

Finding Professional Associations

Search Google to identify a professional organization associated with your area of education.

Example Google searches:

  • mathematics "middle school" association
  • "social studies" "middle school" association
  • art elementary association

  • mathematics middle school association  >  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  >  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle SchoolNCTM Publications tab


  • "social studies" elementary association   >  National Council for the Social Studies  > Social Education
    NCSS Publications tab

Key Education Associations

AERA:  American Educational Research Association -- The "big tent"

AESA:  American Educational Studies Association -- Research by faculty on social and educational topics

ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development -- Focused on principals and teachers.  Practice and professional development.

Finding Association Publications Online

You can look for the full-text of an organization's publications (magazines and journals) on their website. You can also search the e-Journals to which the library subscribes.

1.  Organization webpages.  Many professional organizations provide full-text of their articles for free.  They may provide different access for association members and non-members.  Check their webpages to see what is available. 

NAEA Research Tab


2.  E-Journal Search.  The library subscribes to paper or electronic versions of many association magazines and scholarly journals.

  • Search the magazine or journal title via the e-Journal search on the library webpage. 

e-journals image


  • Scan and view entire issues of magazines and journals.  Scanning article titles (like a table of contents) provides you with an overview of what is being discussed within the organization/profession.
  • Search for a topic within the publication and then read the articles online.

publications search box


publications listing