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Doctoral Program - Educational Leadership: Locating a Journal by It's Title

Locating a Journal by Title

To find a Journal, search by Journal Title.  Follow the below steps to find full-text issues online. 

On the library homepage, click the  e-journals link.


Enter the journal title.  In this case:  higher education


There are many options on this page:

  • Click the linked journal title to see publication information, including if it is Peer-reviewed
  • "Search within Publication" provides the option to search.  Be mindful of the limitations.  Check the years available.  Remember many other publications may have articles on your topic. Consider doing a search in a database - ERIC or Education Source for example.
  • Click one database name.  Look at the years available for each option.   Full-text options will be indicated.  Note there may be a "Full Text Delay" imposed by the publisher. 


In this case, we are taken to the publisher's site.  See the list of years available.  Click through to find the issues and articles.