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BIO 3312 Environmental Studies: Citing References

LibGuide to assist with class papers.

Literature Cited instructions for authors

For intellectual honesty, always cite the articles you used in formulating your work.   The goal is to give others credit for their findings and to allow those reading your work to successfully find the sources you drew upon. 

There are many different citation styles with numerous variants in placing similar citation elements.  Within the same journal or at the direction of your faculty member you will usually be expected to conform to a certain style.

For this class (BIO 3312) examine the article linked below for the citation styles used to construct both your in-text cite, e.g., (Coles & Brown, 2003), and the full reference in the Lit. Cited section.

[click on the citation below to open the html article.  Click Download to the right and find References on p.18.]

Coles SL, Bahr KD, Rodgers KS, May SL, McGowan AE, Tsang A, Bumgarner J, Han JH. (2018) Evidence of acclimatization or adaptation in Hawaiian corals to higher ocean temperatures. PeerJ 6:e5347 



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