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BIO 3312 Environmental Studies: Home

LibGuide to assist with class papers.

Welcome - BIO 3312 - Getting Started


This is a Library Guide to help you in BIO 3312 aka Environmental Studies: An in-depth study of environmental problems from a systems/ecological perspective.  Topics include population growth; mineral, water and wildlife resources; energy resources; waste; and pollution

Where to begin?

  • Know your assignment & what kind of resources you need:  one newspaper article, a minimum of five (5) scholarly journal articles. Supplemental:  books and "grey literature" from govermental and non-governmental agencies.
  • Brainstorm first about your topic (write down as many key words as possible searching for information).
  • Think about broader, narrower, variant spellings, or related terms:
    • air or particulate or aerosol or ______
    • benthic or sediment or _______
    • crawfish or macroinvertebrate or macrofauna or _________
    • agroforest or tree farms or plantation forest or ___________
  • Start looking using this guide.



John Abbott


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