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Library Research Strategies and More: Stay organized

A guide for conducting library research.

Staying Organized

When you are involved in a lengthy research project you will want to stay organized. 

Useful strategies can include:

  • Starting with a concept map to visually explore topic.
  • Using a research strategy worksheet to explore terms and strategies.
  • Keeping track of what you have searched and in what databases/resources:
    • Create a vendor account (EBSCO, ProQuest, Google Scholar)  to save results, save search strategies, and more to the cloud.
      • Remember to log in when using the product so your results are saved in your account.
    • Create a research log -- use Word or similar. 
      • It is useful to note:  database/search engine used, terms searched, etc.
      • Sample:   Library Research Log      (Template developed by Ms. Glenn Ellen Starr-Stilling)
  • Using Zotero or similar citation management software to capture citations, pdfs, create bibliographies and more.
  • Creating a source matrix which allows you to summarize key facts and then review them in summary form.