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SPE 5626 Advanced Studies in Intellectual Disabilities: Where to Start

Picking a Topic

Picking a topic requires research. You may decide to change your topic along the way. Many groups use individual concept maps, and then come together to narrow ideas and focus vocabulary for keyword searching.

Remember your audience will be colleagues and peers in the field. Think about your experiences during practicums and student teaching. What questions did you have?

Start by browsing books, encyclopedias, and a general search using APPsearch.

Finding Background Information

Books and encyclopedias provide background information for an unfamiliar topic or person.

For example, you could search Books and Media using these keywords:

  • "diversity in education"
  • "multicultural education" childhood
  • "educational change"
  • "john dewey"



Advanced search


To get the full text of articles, try both the Find@Appstate link and the article title, or contact a librarian for assistance.

Books about Special Education Topics

educator wellness
raising equity through sel
the landscape model of learning
Special Education Law and Policy
Developing Educationally Meaningful and Legally Sound IEPs
Learning Disabilities : Theories, Diagnosis, and Teaching Strategies

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