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ART 3630 African Art (All Sections): Articles

Research Tips

As you search the library resources for information on your topic keep the following in mind:

  • Peer reviewed or scholarly articles can be excellent sources of information for your research.

  • When you have located an on-topic article or book chapter review the bibliography for additional resources.

  • You can then follow up on this list of resources to find additional relevant information on your research topic.

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals

What are "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" articles?

  • Written by scholars or experts on the topic

  • Content has been critically evaluated by other experts

  • Contain citations (footnotes and/or bibliography) documenting sources

For more information, see the Popular and Scholarly Resources video.

Art Databases (ASU Only)

Consult the complete list of Library Databases for additional resources.

Multidisciplinary Library Databases

Use the following list of library databases to begin searching for information on art focused topics.
Consult the complete list of Library Databases for additional resources.