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RECAPP Celebrating Faculty Research and Creativity: Wednesday Presenters

Wednesday, 9/16 Schedule

Susan Weinberg  12-12:30pm

"The Bad": A Story of Meth in the Mountains

Dr. Jacqueline Tilton  12:30-1pm

The “grand metamorphosis” myth: Unpacking the lived experiences of college graduates transitioning into the workplace

Dr. Jamie Griffin  2-2:30pm

Use of a text message-based health behavior program to improve clinical biometric markers and health behaviors in a rural dwelling population

Susan Weinberg -- English

Jacqueline Tilton -- Management

Dr. Tilton's Management departmental webpage

ResearchGate page

Web of Science page


Selected publications

Gray, Barbara, Tiffany Johnson, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, and Jacqueline Tilton. 2018. “Identity Work by First-Generation College Students to Counteract Class-Based Microaggressions.” Organization Studies 39 (9): 1227–50. Link to full text
Kish-Gephart, Jennifer J., Linda Klebe Treviño, Anjier Chen, and Jacqueline Tilton. 2019. “Behavioral Business Ethics: The Journey from Foundations to Future.” In Business Ethics, edited by David M. Wasieleski and James Weber, 3–34. Business & Society 360. Emerald. Link to ebook chapter
Moergen, Kristie Joy Neff, Jennifer J. Kish-Gephart, and Jacqueline Tilton. 2020. “When Threat Governs: An Identity-Based Model of Managerial Punishment.” Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1): 14733.
Tilton, Jacqueline, and Kristie Joy Neff Moergen. 2020. “Know-How or Know-Who: Sociocultural Upbringing and Organizational Social Networks.” Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1): 16921.

Jamie Griffin -- Nutrition

Dr, Griffin's Nutrition & HCM departmental webpage


Selected publications

Griffin, Jamie B., Barb Struempler, Katie Funderburk, Sondra M. Parmer, Cecilia Tran, and Danielle D. Wadswort. 2020. “My Quest, a Community-Based MHealth Intervention to Increase Physical Activity and Promote Weight Loss in Predominantly Rural-Dwelling, Low-Income, Alabama Women.” Family & Community Health 43 (2): 131–140. Link to full text
Funderburk, Katie, Barb Struempler, Sondra M. Parmer, and Jamie B. Griffin. 2018. “Body Quest Parent: A Text Message Parent Education Intervention to Supplement a School-Based Obesity Prevention Initiative for Third-Graders.” Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 50 (4): 415-417. Link to full text
Griffin, Jamie B., Barb Struempler, Katie Funderburk, Sondra M. Parmer, Cecilia Tran, and Danielle D. Wadsworth. 2018. “My Quest, an Intervention Using Text Messaging to Improve Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviors and Promote Weight Loss in Low-Income Women.” Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 50 (1): 11-18. Link to full text
Kellegrew, Krysta, Alicia Powers, Barb Struempler, Sondra Parmer, Katie Funderburk, Jamie Griffin, and Cecilia Tran. 2018. “Evaluating Barriers to SNAP/EBT Acceptance in Farmers Markets: A Survey of Farmers.” Journal of Agriculture Food Systems and Community Development 8 (1): 133–46. Link to full text
Parmer, S. M., B. Streumpler, J. B. Griffin, and K. M. Funderburk. 2015. “Impact of Body Quest: Food of the Warrior on Key Indicators for Childhood Obesity Prevention.” Austin Journal of Pediatrics 2. Link to full text