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RECAPP Celebrating Faculty Research and Creativity: Tuesday Presenters

Tuesday, 9/15 Schedule

Dr. Jason Lynch -- 12:30-1pm  

An Arts-Based Phenomenological Exploration of Secondary Trauma in College Student Affairs Professionals

Dr. Lucy Purgason -- 1- 1:30pm

Broadening Candidate Review Criteria Through Holistic Admissions in Counselor Education

Jason Lynch -- Leadership & Educational Studies

ORCID page


Dr. Lynch's personal webpage

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Selected publications

Lynch, R. Jason, and Chris R. Glass. 2019. “The Development of the Secondary Trauma in Student Affairs Professionals Scale (STSAP).” Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice 56 (1): 1–18. Link to full text
Lynch, R. Jason, and Chris R. Glass. 2020. “The Cost of Caring: An Arts-Based Phenomenological Analysis of Secondary Traumatic Stress in College Student Affairs.” The Review of Higher Education 43 (4): 1041–68. Link to full text
Lynch, Robert Jason. 2019. “Work Environment Factors Impacting the Report of Secondary Trauma in U.S. Resident Assistants.” Journal of College & University Student Housing 46 (1): 62–78. Link to full text
Lynch, Robert Jason, Bettie Perry, Cheleah Googe, Jessica Krachenfels, Kristina McCloud, Brielle Spencer-Tyree, Robert Oliver, and Kathy Morgan. 2020. “My Wellness Is: An Art-Based Collective Autoethnographic Illustration of Doctoral Student Wellness in Online Distance Education Environments.” Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education 11 (1): 73–88. Link to full text
Pedro, Kris T. De, R. Jason Lynch, and Monica C. Esqueda. 2018. “Understanding Safety, Victimization and School Climate among Rural Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth.” Journal of LGBT Youth 15 (4): 265–79. Link to full text
Glass, Chris R., Elizabeth Kociolek, Rachawan Wongtrirat, R. Jason Lynch, and Summer Cong. 2015. “Uneven Experiences: The Impact of Student-Faculty Interactions on International Students’ Sense of Belonging.” Journal of International Students 5 (4): 353–67. Link to full text

Lucy Purgason -- Human Development & Psychological Counseling

Dr. Purgason's HPC Department webpage

ResearchGate page

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Selected publications

Purgason, Lucy L., José A. Villalba, and Cary Fosback. 2020. “Exploring Ethnic Identity Through Social Networking Sites: A Q Methodology Study With Immigrant-Origin College Students.” Journal of College Student Development 61 (2): 207–24. Link to full text
Lloyd-Hazlett, Jessica, Samantha Airhart-Larraga, and Lucy Purgason. 2020. “Critical Knowledge, Points of Confusion, and Training Recommendations for Client Referrals.” Teaching and Supervision in Counseling 2 (1). Link to full text
Gruman, Diana H., and Lucy L. Purgason. 2019. “A Brief Experiential School Counseling Site Supervisor Training Approach.” The Clinical Supervisor 38 (2): 243–61.
Purgason, Lucy L., Jessica Boyles, and Cassidy Greene. 2019. “Teaching Technology and Tolerance in Tandem: Culturally Responsive Classroom Guidance Interventions.” Journal of School Counseling 17 (23). Link to full text
Purgason, Lucy L., Jessica Lloyd-Hazlett, and Janeé R. Avent Harris. 2018. “Mentoring Counselor Education Students: A Delphi Study with Leaders in the Field.” Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy 5 (2): 122–36.
Purgason, Lucy L., Janeé R. Avent, Craig S. Cashwell, Myra E. Jordan, and Ryan F. Reese. 2016. “Culturally Relevant Advising: Applying Relational-Cultural Theory in Counselor Education.” Journal of Counseling & Development 94 (4): 429–36. Link to full text