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RECAPP Celebrating Faculty Research and Creativity: Thursday Presenters

Thursday, 9/17 Schedule

Dr. Jordan Hazelwood  12:30-1pm

Examining the Effect of Implementing a Standardized Approach for the Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)

Dr. Jeanne Dubino  1-1:30pm

Living with the Lost and Found: The Representation of Stray vs. Pet Dogs in Contemporary Global Short Fiction

Dr. Stacey Garrett  2:30-3pm

Who Are We Serving?: Barriers to Culturally-Responsive Teaching Practices in Rural Community Colleges

Dr. R. Jordan Hazelwood -- Communication Sciences & Disorders

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Selected publications

Wilmskoetter, Janina, Heather Bonilha, Ickpyo Hong, R. Jordan Hazelwood, Bonnie Martin-Harris, and Craig Velozo. 2019. “Construct Validity of the Eating Assessment Tool (EAT-10).” Disability and Rehabilitation 41 (5): 549–59.
Urban, Megan, and R. Jordan Hazelwood. 2019. “Are You Ready to Manage Dysphagia?ASHA Leader 24 (7): 38–40.
Hazelwood, R. Jordan, Kent E. Armeson, Elizabeth G. Hill, Heather Shaw Bonilha, and Bonnie Martin-Harris. 2017. “Identification of Swallowing Tasks From a Modified Barium Swallow Study That Optimize the Detection of Physiological Impairment.” Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research: JSLHR 60 (7): 1855–63.
Krieger, Richard P., Susan Brady, R. Jordan Stewart (Hazelwwod), Andrea Terry, and John J. Brady. 2010. “Predictors of Returning to Oral Feedings After Feeding Tube Placement for Patients Poststroke During Inpatient Rehabilitation.” Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 17 (3): 197–203.


Dr. Jeanne Dubino -- Global Studies


Selected publications

Dr. Stacey D. Garrett -- Leadership & Educational Studies

Selected publications and presentations

Garrett, Stacey D., and Natasha T. Turman. 2019. “A Critical Exploration of Black Women Navigating the Workplace in Higher Education.” In Debunking the Myth of Job Fit in Higher Education and Student Affairs, edited by Brian J. Reece, Vu T. Tran, Elliott N. DeVore, and Gabby Porcaro, 119–46. Stylus Publishing. Link to chapter (one user at a time)
Garrett, Stacey D. 2016. “My Presence Is My Protest.” Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs 2 (3). Link to full text
Martin, Julie P., Stacey D. Garrett, Stephanie G. Adams, and Jamora Hamilton. 2015. “A Qualitative Look at African American Students’ Perceptions of Developing Engineer of 2020 Traits Through Non-Curricular Activities.” In , 26.93.1-26.93.12. Seattle: American Society for Engineering Education. Link to full text
Martin, Julie, Renata Revelo, Shannon Stefl, Stacey Garrett, and Stephanie Adams. 2016. “Ethnic Student Organizations in Engineering: Implications for Practice from Two Studies.” In 2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings, 26744. New Orleans, Louisiana: ASEE Conferences. Link to full text