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RECAPP Celebrating Faculty Research and Creativity: Monday Presenters

Monday, 9/14 Schedule

Dr. Sandi Lane 12-12:30pm  

Covid-19 and nursing home care in the U.S: Regional differences associated with disparities in race, ethnicity and community and facility characteristics

Dr. Susan Mills 12:30-1pm

Musical Arts Education for African Teachers

Dr. Andy Bellemer 2-2:30pm

Investigating the mechanisms of chronic pain using a Drosophila melanogaster model system

Sandi Lane -- Health Care Management

Dr. Lane's HCM Departmental webpage


ResearchGate page

Web of Science page (not curated, so some false positives)


Selected publications

Lane, Sandi J., and Elizabeth McGrady. 2016. “Nursing Home Self-Assessment of Implementation of Emergency Preparedness Standards.” Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 31 (4): 422–31. Link to full text.
Lane, Sandi J., and Elizabeth McGrady. 2018. “Measures of Emergency Preparedness Contributing to Nursing Home Resilience.” Journal of Gerontological Social Work 61 (7): 751–774.
Lane, Sandi J., and R. W. Chip Watkins. 2015. “Using a Facilitation Model to Achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition.” The Health Care Manager 34 (2): 93–105. Link to full text.
Sugg, Margaret M., Trent J. Spaulding, Sandi J. Lane, Jennifer D. Runkle, Stella R. Harden, Adam Hege, and Lakshmi S. Iyer. 2020. “Mapping Community-Level Determinants of COVID-19 Transmission in Nursing Homes: A Multi-Scale Approach.” The Science of the Total Environment 752 (August):. Link to full text.
Wilson, Matthew J., Maggie M. Sugg, and Sandi J. Lane. 2019. “Identifying Multivariate Vulnerability of Nursing Home Facilities throughout the Southeastern United States.” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 36:.  Link to full textNC DOCKS full text link.
Wilson, Matthew, Sandi Lane, Raghuveer Mohan, and Margaret Sugg. 2020. “Internal and External Validation of Vulnerability Indices: A Case Study of the Multivariate Nursing Home Vulnerability Index.” Natural Hazards 100 (3): 1013–36.  Link to full text.
Selected Presentations
Spaulding, Trent J., Sandi J. Lane, Adam Hege, Lakshmi S. Iyer, and Maggie Sugg. 2020. “COVID-19 and Nursing Home Care in the US: Regional DifferencesLink to full text


Susan Mills -- Music

Dr. Mill's Hayes School of Music webpage



Selected publications

Mills, Susan. 2017. “Ethnograph y of a Southern Roots Music Community Field, Swamp, and Internet.” In Contemporary Research in Music Learning across the Lifespan: Music Education and Human Development, edited by Jennifer A. Bugos, 218–29. Routledge Studies in Music Education 4. Routledge. Link to chapter.
Mills, Susan Wilson. 2015. “Swamp Sistas: Beth McKee and a Socio-Musical Swamp Revival Online and Real Time.” International Journal of Community Music 8 (1): 105–22. Link to full text. NC DOCKS full text link.
Kindall-Smith, Marsha, Constance L. McKoy, and Susan W. Mills. 2011. “Challenging Exclusionary Paradigms in the Traditional Musical Canon: Implications for Music Education Practice.” International Journal of Music Education 29 (4): 374–86. Link to full text. NC DOCKS full text link.
Mills, Susan W. 2006. “Cuban Communities.” In Encyclopedia of American Folklife, edited by Simon J. Bronner, 246–51. M.E. Sharpe. Link to chapter.

Andy Bellemer -- Biology

Dr. Bellemer's Biology departmental webpage

Web of Science page


Selected publications

Herman, Joshua A., Adam B. Willits, and Andrew Bellemer. 2018. “Gαq and Phospholipase Cβ Signaling Regulate Nociceptor Sensitivity in Drosophila Melanogaster Larvae.” PeerJ. Link to full text.
Bellemer, Andrew. 2015. “Thermotaxis, Circadian Rhythms, and TRP Channels in Drosophila.” Temperature 2 (2): 227–243.  Link to full text.
Bellemer, Andrew, Taku Hirata, Michael F. Romero, and Michael R. Koelle. 2011. “Two Types of Chloride Transporters Are Required for GABAA Receptor-Mediated Inhibition in C. Elegans.” The EMBO Journal 30 (9): 1852–1863.  Link to full text.
Han, Bingjie, Andrew Bellemer, and Michael R. Koelle. 2015. “An Evolutionarily Conserved Switch in Response to GABA Affects Development and Behavior of the Locomotor Circuit of Caenorhabditis Elegans.” Genetics 199 (4): 1159–1172.  Link to full text.
Schwartz, Nicholas U., Lixian Zhong, Andrew Bellemer, and W. Daniel Tracey. 2012. “Egg Laying Decisions in Drosophila Are Consistent with Foraging Costs of Larval Progeny.” PloS One 7 (5): e37910.  Link to full text.
Zhong, Lixian, Andrew Bellemer, Haidun Yan, Ken Honjo, Jessica Robertson, Richard Y. Hwang, Geoffrey S. Pitt, and W. Daniel Tracey. 2012. “Thermosensory and Nonthermosensory Isoforms of Drosophila Melanogaster TRPA1 Reveal Heat-Sensor Domains of a ThermoTRP Channel.” Cell Reports 1 (1): 43–55.  Link to full text.