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User Experience (UX) at the Belk Library: Home

UX = User's perception of an interaction with a product, service, or space

User Experience refers to how a person feels when he or she is interacting with a product, service, or space.


UX Mission

Work with library teams to improve users' experience of services, spaces, and resources in the following ways:

1.  Conduct UX Research:

  • Attitudinal research-surveys, focus groups, user interviews
  • Behavioral research-patron observation, usability testing, journey mapping
  • Ethnographic research-photo surveys, mapping diaries, retrospective interviews

2.  Oversee Student Advisory Committee

3.  Oversee Suggestion Box Comments

4.  Promote UX awareness




Librarian Contact

Geri Purpur's picture
Geri Purpur
Belk Library and Information Commons
Room 146