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Auto Racing Trading Cards: Press Pass

sets of cards featuring racing drivers, teams, owners, crew, race tracks, and more

Auto Racing Trading Cards

This page lists sets of trading cards featuring auto racing people, teams, and venues. They are are arranged by the producer of the set (ie, Action-Packed) and then by year.

NOTE: We do not buy or sell trading cards and cannot appraise the value of cards. If you wish to know the value of your cards, check online at or Beckett ( ) or Tuff Stuff ( ) or contact a sports memorabilia store in your area.

The cards are housed in the closed collection of the Special Collections Department in Belk Library & Information Commons, Appalachian State University. To view them, come up to the fourth (top) floor of Belk Library and into the Special Collections area. Come into the Dougherty Reading Room and ask for the cards you are interested in. The reading room is open 9-4 Monday through Friday when school is in session and by special appointment other times.


Press Pass Auto Racing Trading Cards

Note: Some cards sets may be incomplete.


1994 General Series
1994 Optima XL

1996 Crystal Ball
1996 Cup Chase
1996 Head Gear
1996 Hot Pursuit
1996 M Force
1996 Premium
1996 VIP
1996 War Paint

1997 Action Vision Motion Replay Cards
1997 General Series
1997 Miscellaneous
1997 VIP

1998 Miscellaneous
1998 Stealth
1998 VIP

1999 General Series
1999 Miscellaneous
1999 Premium
1999 Promotional
1999 Retro Legend
1999 VIP General Series

2000 '99 Front Runner Winner
2000 Miscellaneous
2000 Trackside
2000 Trackside Panorama

2001 2002 Series
2001 Trackside
2001 Vintage

2002 Premium Sample
2002 VIP

2003 Trackside
2003 Premium
2003 VIP

2005 2006 Series

2006 Snapshots

2007 TRAKS