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Photographs and Autographed Items in the Stock Car Racing Collection: T-Z

Photographs and Autographed Items T-Z

Team III Racing
    --b/w photo, year?
    --color head shots of Mickey gibbs, Barry Dodson, and Lou LaRosa, 1991

Thomas, Herb; SEE ALSO Darlington Raceway

Thomas, Stan
   --b/w photo of STan Thomas in #15 car, Carrell Speedway, California? in 1958
Throop Racing
   --color photo, team in victory lane

Track Action

Travis Carter Race Team
    --b/w photos: Hut Stricklin, Travis Carter, Pete Wright, 1994

Triad Motorsports
     --color  photo of red Ford Thuderbird

Trickle, Dick
    --b/w photos: Dick Trickle, #99 car on the track, 1987

Ultra Motorsports
    --b/w photos: Mike Wallace, Tim Kohuth, #2 Ford truck, 1999

Vintage Race Cars
    --b/w photo, 1932 Ford Vicky
    --b/w photo, 1934 Ford modified
    --b/w photo, #50 Bobby Giers Chevelle Sportsman
    --b/w photo, #18 modified car
    --color photo, #98 car

Wallace, Rusty
    --b/w photo of the Kodiak Pontiac, 1988     
    --color 3x5 photo of #27 MIller Genuine Draft car on the track, 1990
    --b/w photos of Wallace and #2 Miller Genuine Draft Racing Team, 1991
    --b/w photos of Wallace at Miller Genuine Draft/Team Penske Pontiac, 1991
    --b/w photo of crash in 1993 Daytona 500; photographer was Al Hartjes, according to donor Ron Kowalke, 1993
    --color photo of Walalce standing with #2  Miller racer and Stevens Aviation airplane, n. d.

Waltrip, Darrell  
    --color photo, Darrell and Stevie, Junior and Flossie, and the race team at the 1985 Winston Cup championship awards banquet  
    --color photo, Darrell Waltrip, wife Stevie, Junior Johnson, and the crew celebrate Darrell’s Winston Cup championship, Riverside International       Raceway, 1982        
    --b/w photos: Darrell Waltrip head shot, Darrell Waltrip leaning on #17 car, Darrell Waltrip in #17 car, #17 car, 1992  
    --b/w shot of Jeff Hammond, Darrell, and John C. Hunt, Jr.; 1988
    --color photo of #17 Tide car on the track, 1990

Waltrip, Michael
    --color photo, leaning on #80 Post Cereal car
    --b/w shot of Waltrip leaning on #30 Country Time car, 1988
    --b/w head shot, no cap, in Country Time uniform, 1988
    --color hoto of #23 Hawaiian Punch car on the track

White, Rex
    --b/w photo, track action at Martinsville Speedway, October 28, 1956
    --b/w photo, in the pits at Martinsville Speedway, May 20, 1956
    --b/w photo, pit crew takes a victory lap, Darlington, 1960
    --b/w photo, pit crew, Darlington, 1960
    --b/w photo, track action, Martinsville, 1960

Wilmes, Danny
     --color photo of #48 car, autographed

Wilson, Ken
    --b/w head shot, 1993

Wilson, Rick
    --color head shot, Rick and wife Teresa at the 1985 Winston Cup awards banquet
    --b/w photos of #4 Kodad Oldsmoble and Wilson next too #4 Kodak car at Daytona, 1989

Wood Brothers Racing
    --b/w photos: Elliott Sadler, Mike Beam, Eddie Wood, Len Wood, #21 Citgo car, 1999

Yarborough, Cale
    --b/w photo of men working on the engine, including a young Cale; T. Taylor Warren photo
    --large driver card with car from Racing Pictorial Magazine, 1976?
    --b/w photo, #28 Ford Thunderbird
    --cover of The Times 500 race program at Ontatio Motor Speedway, November 15, 1980
    --color photo of #11 Holly Farms car on the track
    --color photo of #28 Hardees car on the track

Yates, Robert
    --b/w head shot by Dorsey Patrick, early 1990s
    --b/w head shot, 1991

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