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Photographs and Autographed Items in the Stock Car Racing Collection: N-S

Photographs and Autographed Items N-S

Nemechek, Joe
    --color photo, kneeling next to the #87 car at Daytona
    --color head shot

Noffsinger, Brad
    --b/w head shot, 1988
    b/w photo, #98 Sunoco Ultra Buick

North Wilkesboro Speedway
    --color photo, spotters
    --color photo, Dale Earnhardt passes Rick Wilson the inside, late 1980s
    --color photo, pit road, possibly April 1984
    --color photos (2), race action from high above; postcards
    --miscellaneous color fan photos of cars on the track

Olds, Ransom E. SEE Daytona Beach Speed Races

Oldsmobile Motorsports
    --b/w head shots of drivers Rick Wilson, Lake Speed, Harry Gant, Phl Parsons, A. J. Foyt, and Sterling Marlin, 1989

Owens, Cotton
    --b/w phto, Cotton Owens in #6 car, probably at Concord International Speedway, 1958

Parsons, Benny
    --b/w collage; in car without helmet talking to Harry Hyde at Daytona, shot of #15 Melling car
    --b/w head shot in cap and shirt with Melling Performance Parts logos
    --color photo of #55 Copenhagen car on the track
    --cooor photo of #72 car on the track, 1977

Parsons, Phil
    --b/w full length photo of Parsons standing beside the Skoal Bandit, 1982
    --b/w photos of Parsons and the #55 Crown/Skoal Classic Racing Oldsmobile
    --b/w  photos of Parsons and the #55 Crown/Skoal Classic Racng Oldsmobile at Daytona, 1989
    --color photo of #83 Diamond Ridge car on the track
    --color photo of #90 Chameleon car on the track

Paschal, Jim
    --color photo of Paschal standing next to #41 car

Pearson, David
   --b/w photos of Daytona 500 win, 1976

Pearson, Larry
    b/w portrait in Kellogg's Corn Flakes uniform, 1991
    b/w phot of Kellogg's Corn Flakes #41 Chevrolet Lumina, 1991

Penske Racing South
    --b/w photos: #2 car and head shot of Rusty Wallace, 1993

Petree, Andy; SEE ALSO Skoal Bandit Racing
    --b/w head shot, 1991
    --b/w head shot, 1992

Petty, Kyle
    --b/w team shots: Kyle Petty, Gary Nelson, #42 Peak Performance Racing car
    --color 3x5 photo of #7 Seven Eleven cr on the track, 1985
    --b/w photos of #7 Wood Brothers car, 1985 or 1986
    --b/w head shot, 1985 or 1986
    --color photo, #42 on the track, 1990
    --color photos, Kyle and #42 at Daytona
    --color 3x5 photo of Petty kneeling next to #21 Citgo car at Daytona

Petty, Lee; SEE ALSO Michigan Fairgrounds
Petty, Richard; SEE ALSO Darlington Raceway
    --color photo, on the track at Dover Downs, 1992
    --color photo, pit stop at Dover Downs, 1992
    --color photo, in the garage at Dover Downs, 1992
    --color 8x10 photo receiving winner's trophy at Dover Downs; photo by David Chobat
    --color head shot
    --color photo, track action, Michigan International Speedway, 1989
    --b/w head shot, wearing Winston baseball cap
    --color 3.5 x 5 photos of Petty and #42 and #43 cars; shot with #42 has Lee Petty in car, Richard standing outside it; photo by Jeff Mendenhall
    --b/w 8x10 photo of Lee and Richard Petty standing by the #43 car with Senator Strom Thurmond
    --b/w 8x10 photo of #43 STP Dodge Charger
    --color 5x7 photo of #43 STP Dodge Charger
    --color 8x10 photo of #43 Pontiac Grand Prix STP car
    --b/w 8/10 photo of Richard Petty's first ride in the STP car at Riverside
    --color 8x10 photo of E43 Plymouth Sunbird on the track
    --color 8x10 photo of engine and innards of #43 car
    --colro 8x10 print of Petty kneeling next to #43 car without sun glasses
    --numerous miscellaneous photos taken by fans of Petty #43 on track and in the Petty Enterprises garage
    --b/w brochure signed by Petty

Pit Action

Pond Lennie
    --color photo of #54 car on the track, 1978

Pontiac IROC cars
    --b/w photo of Pontiac IROC Firebird Trans Am, 1996
    --b/w phot of Pontiac IROC Firebird Trans Am in Wind Tunnel, 1996

Precision Products Racing
    --b/w photo, #1 Skoal Racing car, 1994
    --b/w photo, #1 Skoal Racing cr, 1993
    --b/w photos, Richard Jackson and Kevin Hamlin, 1994

Pritchett, C. L.
   -- color photo, celebration after winning at East Alabama Motor Speedway, 1978

Prudhomme, Don
    --b/w head shot, 1991
    --b/w shot of the Skoal Bandit Top Fuel drag racer, 1991

Purvis, Jeff
    --color photo, in #1 Phoenix Racing car (Busch Grand National Series), early 1990s

Race Cars
    --contemporary color photo of child standing in front of the #22 Park's Novelty Machine Company black coupe driven by Red Byron
    --large sepa print of 1928 race car in front of a Texaco gas station

Raybestos Racing
    --b/w head shots of Jimmy Fennig and Keith Almond, 1991

Rexford, Bill. SEE ALSO Flock, Tim
    --b/w photo of Rexford standing beside his #62 racecar, 1950
Richard Childress Racing
    --b/w photos of Childress, Dale Earnhardt, Kirk Shelmerdine, and the 1991 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet Lumina
    --b/w photos of Childress, MIke Skinner, Will Lind, Rich Burgess, and the #3 GM Goodwrench truck, 1995

Richeson, Donnie
    --b/w head shot, 1992

Richmond, Tim
b/w photo of Tim Richmond in #40 car on the track with Rusty Wallace in the #16 car, October 1980
    --color 3x5 photos of #25 Folger's car on the track
    --color 3x5 photos of #27 Old Milwaukee car on tne track

Roberts, Glenn "Fireball"
    --b/w head shot, copy of original

Roush Racing
    --b/w head shots of Mark Martin, Robin Pemberton, Steve Hmiel, and Jack Roush, and the Folgers Ford Thunderbird, 1991

Rudd, Ricky
    --b/w head shot in Tide uniform
    --b/w head shot, 1988
    --b/w photo of #26 Quaker State/King Racing Buck Regal, 1988
    --b/w head shot in Quaker State uniform
    --color 3x5 photo of #15 Motorcraft car on the track
    --color 3x5 photo of #3 Piemont Airlines cr on the track

Ruttman, Joe
    --b/w head shot, 1986
    --b/w photo, #26 Quaker State Buick, 1986
    --color photo of #75 Dinner Bell car on the track, 1990
    --color photo of #75 Pet Dairy car on the track

Sachs, Greg; SEE ALSO Kulwicki, Alan
    --b/w head shot, 1990
    --color photo of #10 TRW car on the track

Sauter, Jay
    --b/w photos: head shot, #3 truck, 1999

Sauter, Jim
    --b/w head shot, Daytona International Speedway

Sawyer, Elton
    --color head shot, 2001

Schmitt, Bill
    --color photo, stooping next to #73 car; autographed

Schrader, Ken
    --color photo, #25 Kodiak cr on the track, 1990

Senna, Ayrton
b/w photo of Senna examining Goodyear Eagle tires

Shepherd, Morgan
    --b/w head shot sitting in Levi Garrett Racing car, 1982
    --b/w photos of #98 Levi Garrett car, 1982
    --b/w heat shot, 1987
    --b/w photo of Quaker State/King Racing Buick LeSabre, 1987
    --b/w formal portrait, 1991

Show Cars
    --b/2 8x10 photo, Winston #1, 1986?

Skoal Bandit Racing
    --b/w photos of Leo Jackson and Andy Petree, 1990
    --b/w photos: #33 car on track, #33 in the pits, 1994
    --b/w photos: Leo Jackson and Charley Pressley, 1994

Speed, Lake
    --b/w photos of Speed and the #83 Bullseye Barbeque Oldsmobile at Daytona, 1989

Spencer, Jimmy
    --color photo, #27 McDonalds car at North Wilkesboro Speedway, 1994
    --color photo, Jimmy Spencer and crew chief Mike Hill celebrate after Pepsi 400 sin, July 2, 1994

Stahl, Mark
    --color photo with #82 Auto Bell Winston Cup Thunderbird, year, autographed

Stavola Brothers Racing Team
    --b/w photos: Billy Stavola, Mickey Stavola, #8 race car, 1993
    --b/w photos of Billy Stavola, Mickey Stavola, and the #8 Thuderbird, 1994

Stricklin, Hut   
    --b/w head shot, 1991
    --b/w photo of #12 Raybestos Racing car 1991
    --b/w heat shot, 1992
    --b/w head shot, 1993

Stroker Ace Movie
    --3x5 color photo of #2 Clyde Torkle's Chicken Pit Special Thunderbird car on the track

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