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Photographs and Autographed Items in the Stock Car Racing Collection: L-M

Photographs and Autographed Items L-M

Labonte, Bobby
    --color photo, #18 car in the pits
    --color 3x5 shot of E1 Skoal car on the track, 1990
    --b/w head shot in helmet, early 1990s
    --b/w head shot, leaning on the car, 1992

Labonte, Terry
    --color photo, kneeling in front of #11 Budweiser car at North Wilkesboro Speedway, late 1980s
    --b/w head shot, early 1980s?
    --color photo of #44 J.D. Stacy car on the track
    --color photos of #44 Piedmont Airlines car on the track

LaJoie, Randy
    --b/w head shot, 1990

Lehman, Peter
    --color head shot, with headset

Little, Chad
    --b/w photo of #19 Tyson Ford Thunderbird, 1991
    --b/w head shot, 1991

Lorenzen, Fred
    --color print of Lorenzen beside #8 car

Luyendyk, Arie
    --b/w shot, in civilian attire, standing next to his car, 1991

Marcis, Dave; SEE ALSO Kulwicki, Alan

Marlin, Sterling
    --b/w photos of Marlin with the #94 Sunoco Oldsmobile at Daytona, 1989
    --b/w head shot, 1993
    --color photo, leaning on #4 Kodak car, 1994
    --color head shot, 1996
    --color photo, leaning on #4 Kodak car on the beach, 1996
    --color photo of #4 Kodak car on the track, 1990

Martin, Mark
    --color photo, kneeling next to #4 Morgan-McClure car, early 1980s
    --color photo, leaning on red #4 car at Talladega Superspeedway, early 1980s
    --color photo, kneeling next to red #4 car, Talladega Superspeedway, early 1980s
    --b/w photos, #6 car and standing in front of the #6 Valvoline car, 1992
    --b/w head shot, formal portrait, 1992
    --clor 4x6 photo of #6 Folgers car on the track, 1990

Mast, Rick
    --b/w head shot, 1993
    --b/w head shots, 1993
    --b/w shots, #1 Skoal car on the track in in the pits, 1993
    --b/w head shot, 1994

McClure, Eric
    --color 2008 driver card, autographed

McClure, Larry
    --color head shot, 1990?
    --color head shot, with headset
    --color photo, on pit wall at Atlanta Motor Speedway, about 1985

McCrumb, Sharyn
    --color photo, with driver Ward Burton
    --color head shot

McDuffie, J. D.
    --b/w head shot, at Daytona International Speedway

McGinnis, Bob
    --color photo at Virginia International Raceway; photo by Clyde Mangum
    --color photo standing in front of his number 1 car with Danny ?; photo by Clyde Mangum

McGuire Motorsports
     --color photo of #51 car

Mesa Marin Raceway
    --16 color photos, October 1995 Craftsman Truck race       

Michigan Fairgrounds, Detroit
    --b/w photo, cars lined up in front of grandstand, August 12, 1951; Lee Petty and Fonty Flock; T. Taylor Warren photo

Miller, Butch
    --color head shot
    --color photo in victory lane, Ford Taurus 250

Miller, Kevin
    --color shot of MIller and car. 2016

Millican, Clay
    --color head shot in helmet
    --color photo, in front of car and transporter
    --color photo, in car on the line

Milwaukee Mile
     --b/w/ photo, Eddie Sachs and Elmer Musgrave, September 17, 1961; Armin Krueger photo

    --b/w modifieds, #12
    --b/w photo, wreck with xis modifieds

Moreno, Roberto
    --b/w head shot, 1986

Morgan-McClure Motorsports; SEE ALSO McClure, Larry
    --color photos, first race at Talladega for Morgan McClure, 1982; in the pits and Ginny McClure getting Richard Petty’s autograph
    --color photo, Larry McClure and Tim Morgan in the pits, spring race at Talladega, 1982
    --color photo, Lorretta and Jim Coper; Marsha and Phil Parsons; and Ginny and Larry McClure at the 1989 Winston Cup Awards Banquet
    --color photo, Ginny McClure at Atlanta Motor Speedway, 1990
    --color photo, Ginny McClure and Daniel Sturgill at Atlanta Motor Speedway, 1990
    --color photo, victory lane, first Winston Cup win for Morgan McClure and for driver Ernie Irvan at Bristol Motor Speedway, August 25, 1990
    --color photo, Ginny McClure and Norma McClure picnicing at Bristol Motor Speedway, August 1990
    --color photo, team along pit wall, Bristol Motor Speedway, August 25, 1990
    --color photo, victory lane at Bristol Motor Speedway, August 25, 1990; driver Ernie Irvan
    hugging Larry McClure
    --b/w photos of Tony glover, Ernie Irvan, Shelton Pittman, and Larry McClure, 1991
    --b/w photos of Larry McClure, Ed McClure, Teddy McClure, and Jerry McClure, 1991
    --color photo, Sterlng Marlin and the team in victory lane, Talladega, July 23, 1995
    --color photo, Sterling Marlin and Larry McClure, mid-1990s
    --color photo, #4 Kodak car, mid 1990s
    --color photo, race team and #4 Kodak car testing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1993
    --color photo, Larry and Ginny McClure, first Daytona win for the team, 1991
    --color photo, Tony Glover and Ernie Irvan, first Daytona win for the team, 1991
    --color photo, Larry McClure hugs Ernie Irvan after first Daytona 500 win for the team,
    --color photo, Larry and Ginny McClure, first team win at Daytona, February 1991
    --color photo, Ginny McClure at the Winston Cup awards banquet, 1990 or 1991
    --color photo, team in victory lane after first Daytona win, 1991
    --b/w photo, Ginny McClure at Daytona, February 1991
    --color photo, Larry McClure holds the sign to stop the driver in his pit assignment,
      Atlanta Motor Speedway
    --color photo, pit action at Darlington Raceway
    --color photo, Larry McClure signals the driver in pit lane, Bristol Motor Speedway, 1980s
    --color photo, pit action at Bristol?
    --color photo, Ginny McClure relaxes at Martinsville Speedway, 1989
    --color photo, #4 Kodak car on the beach, 1996
    --color photo, #4 Kodak car, 2001

Morgan, Wes
    --b/w photo, crash of #57 car at Daytona International Speedway, February 24 1961

Moroso, Rob
    --b/w photos: head shot and #25 Moroso Racing car, 1988?

Morris, Buckshot; SEE Flock Brothers
    --b/w still from Six Pack
    --b/w still from Speed Lovers

Muldowney, Shirley
--b/w head shot, 1986
    --b/w photo of Top Fuel Dragster in action, 1986

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