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Photographs and Autographed Items in the Stock Car Racing Collection: E-H

Photographs and Autographed Items E-H

Earnhardt, Dale
    --b/w head shot in cowboy hat, 1981?
    --b/w head shot, civilian clothes with Winston Cup Grand National drivers jacket, 1981?
    --color photo of Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt, and Jeff Gordon, no date
    --color 3x5 photo of #3 Goodwrench car on the track, 1990
    --color 3x5 photo of #3 Wrangler and #33 Skoal cars on the track
    --color 3x5 photo of #3 Wrangler car om the track
    --color photo of #15 Wrangler car on the track

Elliott, Bill
    --autographed color photo, kneeling beside 94 McDonald’s car
    --color photo, standing beside 94 McDonald’s car, 1998
    --color photo, parked McDonald’s 94 car, 1995
    --color photo, #9 Coors Thunderbird
    --color photo, kneeling by #11 Budweiser car at Daytona
    --color photo #9 Coors car in action at Michigan International Speedway, 1989
    --colro 3/x photos of #9 Coors car o the track
Elliott, Ernie
    --b/w head shot, Quaker State/King Racing, 1992

Ferree, Ed
    --color head shot, 1991

Flock Brothers
    --b/w photo of Tim Flock, Buckshot Morris, and Fonty Flock standing beside their racecars, about 1950

Flock, Tim; SEE ALSO Flock Brothers
    --b/w action photo of Flock in car #91 passing Bill Rexford,about 1950  

Foyt, A. J.
    --b/w photos of Daytona 500 win, 1972
    --bwphotos of Foyt and #14 Copenhagen Gilmore Oldsmobile at Daytona, 1989

France, Bill Sr.
    --color photo at a track

Frasson, Joe
    --color photo with #18 red Dodge, 1972

Gant, Harry
    --b/w photos: head shpts and #33 Skoal Bandit Racing Chevrolet, 1988?
    --b/w photos of Gant and #33 Skoal Bandit Racing Oldsmobile, 1989
    --b/w photos, formal head shot and holding trophy, 1990
    --b/w photos, #33 car on the track, 1990
    --b/w head shots (2), 1991
    --b/w shots of #33 car on the track and in the pits, 1991
    --b/w photos, formal head shot and holding trophy in victory lane, 1992
    --b/w photos, #33 car on the track and durng a pit stop, 1992
    --b/w head shot, 1993
    --b/w shot of #33 car on the track, 1993
    --autographed color photo head shot, 1997
    --autographed color photo, kneeling beside car, 1997?
    --b/w head shot, 1994
    --color 3x5 photo of the #33 Skoal Bandit car on the track with the #90 car

Gardena Stadium
    --jalopy race

Gaughan, Brendan
    --b/w head shot and #62 Napa Auto Parts truck, 2002

Gibbs, Mickey; SEE ALSO Kulwicki, Alan

Glover, Tony
    --color photo with wife Christy, 1985

Gloy/Rahal Racing
     --b/w collage of driver Ron Barfield, #55 Icehouse truck, Tom Gloy, and Bobby Rahal, 1999

Golden, Bll "Maverick"
    --autographed color photo of "Little Red Wagon" truck on its back wheels at Half Moon Bay Drag Strip, 1965

Gordon, Cecil
    --color photo with crew members, early 1970s
    --color photo in pits at Daytona, 1973
    --color photo with crew, early 1970s
    --color photo of car on trailer after a race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, mid 1970s
    --color photo of #24 car, inset head shot
    --b/w photo of #24 cr, Richmond Fairgrounds, mid 1970s
    --with pit crew in pits, Atlanta Motor Speedway, 1973
    --on track with driver David Cisco, early 1970s

Gordon, Jeff
--two color photos of sign outside Pittsboro proclaiming it the home of Jeff Gordon

Gordon, Robby
    --color photo with #4 Kodak car, 2001

Green, David
    --b/w head shot, early 1990s

Gwynn, Darrell
    --b/w head shot, 1987
    --b/w photo of dragster on the line, 1876

Hackman, Gene
    --b/w head shot in Valvoline race suit, 1986

Hales Corner Speedway
    --b/w photo of modified track action, June 1969

Hallman, Shane
    --color photo, standing in front of #29 Diamond Ridge car

Hemby, Bill
    --b/w photo with N. R. Champion beside 1935 Chevrolet, Fairgrounds Speedway, Nashville, TN, 1959
    --b/w photo, victory lap in #75 car at the Peach Bowl
    --small color photo beside the #86 car, Harris, NC
    --color photos with #3 modified car, Peach State Speedway, Jefferson, GA
    --b/w photo of track action with T.C. Hunt, Peach Bowl, 1961
    --b/w and color photo collage of #86 car at Dallas Speed Bowl, 1962; Les Hemby with Charles Thompson at Dixie Speedway, 1976; and Hemby            crashes at Atlanta, 1952
    --color collage: in #111 car at Dixie Speedway;  in #111 car at Macon Raceway; and in #59 car at Dixie Speedway
    --color photo in #86 car at Dixie Speedway, 1976
    --b/w and color collage: standing beside #111 super modified car; sitting in #505 super modified car; and the Flintstone Special
    --b/w photos: with other 1961 NASCAR modified champions; victory lap in the Flintstone Special
    --b/w collage: driving at Chattanooga Raceway Park; driving #75 car; victory lane at the Peach Bowl after winning with the Flintstone Special, 1961
    --b/w and color collage: wife (?) talking with Bill in #37 car; with friends beside #5 car; standing beside #11 car
    --b/w collage: action at the Peach Bowl with Hemby, Johnny Sudderth, and Truman Padgett; in victory lane; track action with Truman Padgett
    --color photo, #33 Strickland’s Texaco Service, 1962

Hendrick Motorsports
    --b/w photos of Geoff Bodine, Rick Hendrick, Waddell Wilson, and the #5 Levi Garrett Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1988
    --color photo, working on a car in the race shop, 2000

Henn, Preston
    b/w photo of Preston Henn Valvoline Porsche, 1986

Hensley, Jimmy
    --color photo, kneeling beside #55 car

Heroth, Kreig
    --autographed color photo with #00 car

Hill, Harley
    --color photo of Hill family and #27 car, Cherokee Speedway, 1978
    --color photo, #27 car, 1978
    --color photo, #27 car in action, driven by C. L. Pritchett

Hill, Mike; SEE ALSO Junior Johnson Race Team
    --b/w head shot, 1993
    --color head shot with Steve Towle, 1989
    --color photo, pit stop action, 1981

Hillin, Bobby
    --b/w head shot in Roses uniform, 1989
    --b/w photo of #81 Roses Buick, 1989
    --color 3x5 photo of #8 Snickers car on the track, 1990
    --color 3x5 photo of #8 Miller car on the track

Holbert, Al
--b/w head shot, 1981
    --b/w shot, CRC Chemicals Can-Am car on the track, 1981

Hornaday, Ron
   -- b/w collage: head shot and photo of 1999 NAPA Auto Parts truck

Horton, Jimmy
    --b/w photo, head shot

Hossfeld, Chuck
    --color photo
    --color photo of #50 Eldon truck

Houston, Tommy
    --color photo of #6 Roses car, 1991
    --color head shot, 1991

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