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Photographs and Autographed Items in the Stock Car Racing Collection: A-D

Photographs and Autographed Items A-D

Addington Racing
    --team card, 1999

Adkins, Allen
     --b/w photo of #98 car at Wall Stadium, 1956

Allison, Bobby; SEE ALSO Bobby Allison Motorsports
    --large driver card with car from Racing Pictorial Magazine, 1976?
    --photo of young Bobby
    --autographed b/w photo, head shot, 1980s
    --b/w photo of DiGard/Gatorade Grand National Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1982
    --b/w heat shot, 1982
    --b/w group shot with Allison, William B. Stokely III, and William J. Gardner, 1982
    --b/w head shots of Bobby Allison, Robert Bilby, Nathan Sims, and Frank Plessinger, 1991
    --b/w photo of #22 Quaker State car, no date
    --b/w 5x7 photo of Allison, Robert Yates, Jim Gardner, and Gary Nelson holding newspaper headlines of Allison winning first NASCAR championship

Allison, Davey
    --b/w photos, first year, in Havoline Star, 1987
    --b/w photo, with team members Johnnie Hunt, Tony Price, and Robert Yates after win at 1988 Champion Spark Plug 400 at Michigan International Raceway
    --b/w photos, in Havoline Star #28, 1988
    --b/w head shot, 1988
    --color head shot, 1990
    --color shot of #28 car, 1990  
    --b/w head shot, 1991
    --b/w photo of #28 Texaco Havoline Racing Fore Thunderbird, 1991
    --b/w 4/6 photo of #22 Miller High Life and #43 STP cars on the track
    --color head shot, no date
    --3x5 color shot of #22 Miller High Life car on the track (multiple views)
    --3x6 color shot of Bobby Allison in the crowd
Allison, Donnie
    --collage after winning the American 500 at North Carolina Motor Speedway, October 23, 1977
    --autographed photo of Donnie in retirement
    --b/w photo of Donnie in the #27 car

Baker, Buck
    --b/w photo of Baker in #87 Ford
Baker Buddy; SEE ALSO Kulwicki, alan
    --Sears driver photo, 1994
    --large driver card with car from Racing Pictorial Magazine, 1977?
    --b/w head shot photo, UNO sponsor decal on uniform
    --b/w 8x10 photo of #71 Dodge K&K Insurance car; Daytona? 1973?
    --color 3x5 photos of #21 Valvoline car on the track
    --color photos of #15 Norris car on the track

Balch, Sherman
    --b/w photo of #715 truck with head shot inset

Baldwin, Jack
    --b/w head shot, 1993
    --b/w photo of Mattel Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro, 1993

Beach, Eric
     --color photo of #614 car

Beauchamp, Johnny
    --car upside down at Daytona International Speedway, February 24, 1961

Bernstein, Kenny
    --b/w heat shot, 1986
    --b/w head shot, 1987   
    --b/w head shot, 1988
    --b/w head shot in Budweiser racing shirt, 1987
    --b/w photo of Budweiser King funny car, 1987
    --b/w head shot as owner of Quaker State/King Racing Buick LeSabre, 1987
    --formal b/w head shot as owner of Quaker State/King Racing Ford Thunderbird
    --b/w shot as owner of Quaker State/King Racing Buick Regal, 1992
    --b/w shot in suit as owner of Budweiser King Indy Car, 1992
    --autographed color photo with Steve Kinser, in front of #26 Quaker State car, no date

Blue Max Racing
    b/w head shots of Rusty Wallace, Raymond Beadle, Barry Dodson, and Harold Elliott, 1988

Bobby Allison Motorsports
    --team card, 1991
    --Jimmy Fennig and Keith Almond, 1991
    --12 Raybestos car driven by Hut Stricklin, 1991
    --team card, 1992
    --Jimmy Fennig and Keith Almond, 1992
    --12 Raybestos car driven by Hut Stricklin, 1992
    --team card, 1993

Bodine, Brett
    --b/w head shot, 1990
    --b/w head shot, 1992
    --b/w shot of #26 Quaker State/King Racing Ford Thunderbird, 1992
    --b/w photos of Quaker State/King Racing Buick Regal head-on and from the side, 1992
    --autographed menu from "Dinner with Brett Bodine," 1993
    --autographed b/w photo of #26 Quaker State Buick Regal, no date.
    --color photo of #26 Quaker State car on the track

Bodine, Geoffrey
    --color shot, #7 QVC Thunderbird, 1997
    --color 3x5 photos of #5 Levi Garrett car on the track, 1990

Bonnett, Neil
    --color shot of #12 Budweiser car, 1984 or 1985?
    --b/w head shot holding Pontiac Excitement 400 (Richmond) trophy, 1988
    --b/w shot of #75 Valvoline Pontiac Grand Prix, 1988
    --b/w shot with Al Unser Jr., 1988
    --b/w shot , talking to Bob Rahilly and Butch Mock, 1988
    --b/w shot of a pit stop for the #75 Valvoline car at the Daytona 500, 1988
    --b/w shots of Bonnett and of the #75 Valvoline car, 1988
    --color shot with car, 1994
    --b/w photo of Neil Bonett and Richard Petty at Richmond Fairgrounds, Winston Cup 400
    --color 3x5 photo of Bonnett signing autographs
    --color photos of #21 Hodgdon car on the track
    --color photos of #12 Budweiter car on the track

Booth, Clyde
    --head shot, 1992

Bordin, Andron
    --color head shot, 1998

Bouchard, Ken
    --b/w head shot, 1986
    --b/w photo of #98 Valvoline car, 1986
    --b/w head shot, 1988

Bown, Chuck
    --b/w head shot, 1990

Boys, Trevor
    --color photo of #95 car, 2/13/89

Bristol Motor Speedway
    --track shortly after opening; 1962?

Brooks, Dick
    --b/w head shot

Buhl, Robbie
--b/w head shot, n.d.

Burton, Jeff
--b/w phto, 1994

b/w photo sequence of wreck involving drivers Billy Farquhar, Rex Sperry, and Ronnie Cox. Jim Walcutt photo   

Carter, Pancho
b/w head hot, 1986

Castles, Neil "Soapy"
   --autographed driver card, #06 car

Caudill, Larry
    --color photo of #44 car at Hickory Motor Speedway, 1991

Cheever, Eddie
    --color photo in #8 Quaker State Indycar, 1994?

b/w and color photos, Dodge Avenger, 1994

Churchill, Jerry
    --b/w phot in Mopar cap, 1989

Convertible Racing
     --b/w photo of 1955 SAFE Circuit of Champions All-Stars convertible race at Birmingham
Cooper, Doug
    --b/w photo, head shot

Cooper, Ronald
    --b/w photos;head shot and #51 car, 1989

Cope, Derrike
    --b/w photos of winning Daytona 500, 1990
    --color 3x5 photo of #10 Purolator car on the track
    --b/w photos of Cope and the #10 Purolator Chevrolet Lumina at Charlotte, 1992

Corona Speedway (Arizona)
     --b/w photo, #7 car
     --b/w photo, #s 21 and 99 cars
     --b/w photo, #s 12 and 17 cars
     --b/w photo, #27 car
     --b/w photo, #41 car
     --b/w photo, #100 car
     --b/w photo, #33 car on its side, #17 car behind
     --b/w photo, #33 car on its side, closer view
     --b/w photo, #33 car on its roof
     --b/w photo, #s 4 and 75 cars
     --b/w photo, #71 car (P.T. Daniel))
     --b/w photo, #17 car
     --b/w photo, #21 car (Larry) and #73 car (Stan)
     --b/w photo, #s 14 and 42 cars
     --b/w photo, #s 20, 24, and 10 cars crashing
     --b/w photo, #s 20, 24, and 10 cars crashing, closer view

Crafton, Matt
    --color photo with 88 Fast Track Chevy Silverado truck, 2001

Crawford, Rick
    --14 Milwaukee Electric Tools truck, 2001

Cywinski, Kevin
    --head shot, 1999

Darlington Raceway
    --b/w photo, gassing up Herb Thomas in his Hudson Hornet, 1954; T. Taylor Warren photo
    --b/w shot of Petty pit at Darlington with cars going by and grandstand in background, September 5, 1960

Daytona Beach and Road Course
    --action photo from high above, showing beach straightaway and north turn
    --action photo of cars going through north turn, Kiekhaefer cars in the lead
    --b/w photo, cars lined up on the sand, modified race
    --b/w photo of cars on the staring line, 1950
    --action color photo of cars on track, including Whitey Norman and Dean Layfield, 1957

Daytona Beach Speed Races
    --Ransom E. Olds in his Olds Pirate on the beach, 1896 or 1897

Daytona International Speedway
    --b/wphot of action Daytona 500 action, 1978
    --b/w photo, Larry Dickson and bobby Allison on the track; February 20, 1972
    --color 4x6 fan photos of action and track scenes, probably February 2978

Dehart, Gary
    --b/w head shot; 1990s?

Dick Simon Racing
    --team photos, G Force Aurora V-8 IRL car, 1999
    --G Force Autora V-8 IRL car, 1999

Dingman Brothers
--b/w photo of Dingman Brothers Pontiac Firebird, 1986

Drivers, Miscellaneous
    --b/w photo of Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, Terry Labonte, Ricky Rudd, Dale Earnhardt, Geoff Bodine, Harry Gant, Bill Elliott, Richard Petty, Tim Richmond, Benny Parsons, and Bobby Allison. 1985?

Durning, Stephanie
    --b/w head shot, 2001

Dwarf Cars
    --color photo, 1932 Ford 3 window coupe
    --color photo, 1935 Ford coupe

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