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Automotive and Racing Calendars: 2001-2005

Annual calendars featuring illustrations of automotive and racing subjects

Automotive and Racing Calendars, 2001-2005


Cintas Racing Calendar, 2001. Featuring Joe Gibbs Racing and 2000 Winston Cup champion Bobby Labonte.

Dale Earnhardt, 2001.

Jeff Gordon 2001.

Superstars of NASCAR, 2001. Bobby Labonte; Dale Earnhardt; Jeff Burton; Dale Jarrett; Ricky Rudd; Tony Stewart; Rusty Wallace; Mark Martin; Jeff Gordon; Ward Burton; Dale Earnhardt Jr.; Ray Evernham, Casey Atwood, Bill Elliott; Steve Park; Matt Kenseth; Johnny Benson.


Dale Earnhardt, 2002.

Goodwrench Service Plus Racing Calendar, 2002. Kevin Harvick with Atlanta trophy; #29 car doing donuts; crew in victory lane for March 2001 Cracker Barrel 500; #29 GM Goodwrench caron the track; #29 America Online car on the track; Kevin Harvick head shot in baseball cap; #29 car racing; pit stop; Kevin Harvick head shot; #29 car, front view; Kevin Harvick and #29 car; Kevin Harvick strapped in.

Superstars of NASCAR Calendar, 2002. Bobby Labonte; Dave Marcis; Dale Jarrett; Kevin Harvick; Sterling Marlin; Dale Earnhardt Jr.; Tony Stewart; Rusty Wallace; Bill Elliott and Jeremy Mayfield; Ricky Rudd; Ryan Newman; Johnny Benson; Jimmy Spencer.


Ricky Rudd, 2003. #28 Havoline Ford Taurus on the track and in the pits.

Superstars of NASCAR, 2003. Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Bill Elliott, Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace, Matt Kenseth, Ricky Rudd, Dale Jarrett, Greg Biffle, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Jeff Burton.


Bud Williams Hard Chargers' of Spring Car Racing, 2004. Ted Horn in his sprint car "Baby" at Daytona Speedway on August 22, 1948; Bert Hellmueller at the 1956 Minnesota State Fair; Allen Heath at Terre Haute in 1953; Roger McCluskey at Terre Haute on June 16, 1963; A. J. Foyt at Terre Haute in 1964; Rex Mays at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in September 1946; Pat O'Connor at Dayton in early 1953; Jim Hurtubise in the early 1960s; Parnelli Jones at Indianapolis Raceway Park in 1962; Larry Crockett at Fort Wayne in 1954; Leroy Warriner at Dayton in 1953; Tommy Hinnershitz at Harrington, DE, on August 1, 1953.

Dale Ernhardt. 2004. Portraits and on-track action.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2004.

Kevin Harvick, 2004. #29 in the track; #29 on the track; pit stop; #29 on the track; strapped in; standing in front of car in studio setting; pit stop at Atlanta; smiling, in the car; with wife Delana; #29 on the track; #29 on the track; #29 on the track.

Labor Ready, 2004. Race action at various tracks, including Daytona, Phoenix,Talladega, Michigan, Kansas, Watkins Glen, Rockingham, and Homestead.

Stars of NASCAR, 2004. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and #8 car; Rusty Wallace and #2 car; Bobby Labonte and #18 car; Matt Kenseth and #17 car; Mark Martin and #6 car; Kurt Busch and #97 car; Jimmie Johnson and #48 car; Kevin Harvick and #29 car; Michel Waltrip and #15 car; Tony Stewart and #20 car; Dale Jarrett and #88 car; Sterling Marlin and #40 car

Trackside Scrapbook Motorsports Calendar, 2004. Winston Cup action photos.


Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2005.

Kevin Harvick, 2005. In the pits; #29 on the track; pit stop; #29 on the track; strapped in; #29 on the track; formal portrait, serious, in baseball cap; #29 on the track; #29 on the track; pit trop; formal portrait in baseball cap, smiling; #29 on the track.

NY Race Zone.Com, 2005. Color photos of competitors at New York State racetracks.

WypAll Wipers, The Crew Chief's Choice, 2004. Photos of the Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth teams.