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WRC 1103- Democracy: An Owner's Manual: FYS Online Library Component

This guide was created to aid students in their research process for WRC 1103- Democracy: An Owner's Manual. This course is taught by Dr. Joseph J. Gonzalez.

Link to AsUlearn

Accessing the Library Module

How to use complete the online library component

Students do not begin the online library component until it has been assigned by your FYS instructor.

  • This online library component will introduce you to library resources and services to assist you in conducting research. 
  • There are four modules and a final quiz. Your FYS instructor will provide instruction on when the four modules should be completed.  
  • Your FYS instructor will assign a due date for the completion of the final quiz. You may have two attempts on the final quiz and the highest grade will be your final score.   
  • If you need any assistance or accommodations, please contact your FYS instructor