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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects E

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, E-F


Eades Family 

Eagle Raceway

Eagle Valley Speedway

Eaker, Gary 

Eanes, Henry Lee “Hinky” 

Earl, Harley 

Earles, H. Clay

Early, Wanda Lund

Earnhardt, Dale; SEE ALSO
            Car Numbers–NASCAR
            other headings in this section

Earnhardt, Dale–Death; SEE ALSO
            Richard Childress Racing–Earnhardt Life Insurance Policy

Earnhardt, Dale–Death–Autopsy Photos

Earnhardt, Dale–Death–Cause; SEE ALSO Simpson, Bill

Earnhardt, Dale, Jr. 

Earnhardt Family; SEE ALSO 
            subjects beginning with Earnhardt in this section
            names of specific individuals, ie, Elledge, Kelley Earnhardt

Earnhardt Ganassi Racing

Earnhardt, Jeffrey

Earnhardt, Kelley

Earnhardt, Kerry

Earnhardt, Ralph

Earnhardt, Teresa; SEE ALSO Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Easley, Sonny

East Alabama Motor Speedway

East, Bob

East, Bobby

East Lincoln Speedway

East Windsor Speedway

Eastern International Speedway

Eastern States 200

Eatwell Family

Ebay; SEE

Ebensburg Speedway

Eckert, Candy Jo

Economaki, Chris

Economic Aspects; SEE ALSO
            Cost of Racing
            NASCAR--Economic Aspects
            Race Teams--Economic Aspects

Economic Impact; SEE ALSO
            Automobile Sales
            other headings beginning with this subject

Economic Impact–North Carolina

Economic Impact–Virginia

Eddy, Mike

Edmonton International Raceway 

Education Programs 

Edwards, Carl 

Edwards, Lanny

Eel River Racing; SEE ALSO Wallace, Kenny

Eggleston, Scott; SEE ALSO Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, E-F

Elder, Christian 

Elder, Jake 

Elder, Ray 

Eldora Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Baltes, Earl
            Stewart, Tony

Elias, Steve

Elkhart Lake; SEE Road America

Elledge, Jimmy; SEE ALSO Andy Petree Racing 

Elledge, Karsyn         

Elledge, Kelley Earnhardt

Eller, John

Ellington, Hoss        

Elliott, Bill; SEE ALSO Junior Johnson Race Team

Elliott, Casey 

Elliott, Chase

Elliott, Dan 

Elliott, Ernie 

Elliott, Harold

Elliott Marino Motorsports

Elliott, Stick

Ellis, Gene 

Ellis, Tommy 

Elson, Lance

Employment; SEE Jobs in Racing

Emrick, Bret

Enders, Erica

Endurance Races; SEE
            One Lap of America
            Road Racing
            Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona
            San Jose Speedway

Enduro Races 

Energy Crisis; SEE Gasoline Shortages

            Race Car Set-Up
            Race Car Technology

Engines; SEE ALSO
            Engine Rules–NASCAR
            Engines, Hemi
            Race Car Set-Up
            Race Car Technology
            Robert Yates Racing Engines

Engines, Hemi; SEE ALSO
             Engine Rules--NASCAR

England, Racing in; SEE
            Great Britain, Racing in
            International Stock Car Racing
Englett, Lanier

English, Terry

Entries, Race; SEE Race Entries

Environmental Issues; SEE ALSO
            Green Initiatives

Eorgan, Tom

Erb, Dennis Jr.

Eriez Speedway 

Erwin, Greg

Eshelman, Rick

ESPN; SEE Television Broadcasting


Ethanol; SEE
            Green Initiatives

Etheridge, Jack 

European Motorsport Park & Rally School

European Stock Car Racing; SEE 
            International Stock Car Racing

Eury, Tony Sr.; SEE ALSO Earnhardt, Dale Jr.

Eury, Tony Jr.; SEE ALSO Earnhardt, Dale Jr.

Evans, Garrett

Evans, Richie

Evans, Richie Jr. 

Evans, Rod

Event Prices; SEE ALSO Fans

Everett, Bruce

Evergreen Speedway (New Jersey)

Evergreen Speedway (Pennsylvania)

Evernham Motorsports; SEE ALSO Evernham, Ray

Evernham, Ray; SEE ALSO
            Evernham Motorsports
            Gillett Evernham Motorsports