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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects T

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, T



24 Hours of Le Mans

Tag-Team Racing; SEE ALSO Restrictor Plate Racing

Talladega, Alabama

Talladega Short Track

Talladega Superspeedway; SEE ALSO

Tandem Racing; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Tanner, Bill Jr.

Tarr, Don

Tasnady, Al

Tatum, Chuck

Taylor, Anita

Taylor, Nicki

Taylor, Steve

Teague, Brad

Teague, Marshall

Teal, Gene

Team Amick Motorsports ; SEE ALSO Amick, Lyndon

Team Franchises; SEE Franchises

Team Green

Team Ireland

Team Orders; SEE Race Teams--Orders to Drivers

Team Racing Auto Circuit; SEE TRAC

Team Rahal ; SEE ALSO Rahal, Bobby

Team Red Bull; SEE Red Bull Racing

Team Rensi Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Mickel, John
            Tolsma, Randy

Team III Racing


Technology; SEE Race Car Technology

Teel, Diane

Television Broadcasting; SEE ALSO
            Cameras, In-Car
            Speed Channel
            Streaming Live
            Television Programs
            subheadings in this section

Television Broadcasting Revenues

Television Broadcasting Rights

Television Broadcasting in Spanish

Television Commentators; SEE ALSO Women in Racing

Television Programs; SEE ALSO Speed Channel

Television Ratings

Templates; SEE Race Cars–Templates

Tennessee, Racing in; SEE ALSO names of specific tracks, ie, Atomic Motor Speedway

Tennessee Thunder DirtCar Series

Terrorism; SEE
            Terrorist Attacks, September 2001

Terrorist Attacks, September 2001

Testing; SEE ALSO NASCAR–Rules

Teter, Earl M. “Lucky”

Tetzlaff, Teddy

Texas International Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO Ferko vs. NASCAR

Texas Pro Stock Racing Series

Texas, Racing in

Texas World Speedway

Thacher, Len


Theme Parks

Theriault, Austin

Theriault, Michelle; SEE ALSO Nesbitt Racing Enterprises

Thirkettle, Jim

Thomas, Herb

Thomas, Jabe

Thomas, Jimmy

Thomas, M. Frank

Thomas, Ronnie

Thomasson, Jack B.; SEE Brown, Perk

Thompson, Alfred “Speedy”

Thompson, Bruce

Thompson, Dean

Thompson, Dick

Thompson International Speedway

Thompson, Jimmy

Thompson, Johnny

Thompson, Mickey

Thompson, Speedy

Thomson, Johnny

Thrap, Eddie

311 Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO Racetracks

Throop Racing

Thunder in the Dome Race; SEE Indoor Tracks

Thunder Mountain Speedway

Thunder Road International Speedbowl

Thunder Valley Speedway

Thunderbird Speedway

Thunderbolt Raceway

Thunderbowl Speedway

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, T

Ticket Prices; SEE
            Event Prices
            Ticket Scalping

Ticket Scalping

Tide Racing (Detergent); SEE Procter & Gamble

Tiedemann, George

Tilley, Ray

Timing, Race; SEE Race Timing

Tioga Speedway

Tire Doping: SEE Cheating

Tire Stagger; SEE Race Car Set-Up

Tires; SEE ALSO Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

TKO Motorsports; SEE ALSO Farris, Mike

TNT Speedway

Tobacco Advertising; SEE ALSO
            Liquor Advertising

Tobias, Dianne

Tobias, Dick

Tobias, Ronnie

Tobias, Toby

Toledo Speedway

Tolsma, Randy

Tomaino, Jamie

Tomberlin, Don

Toreky, Bob

Touring Series; SEE ALSO names of specific series, ie, Southwest Tour Series

Townley, John Wes

Townsend, Don


Toyota All-Star Showdown

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach; SEE Long Beach, Grand Prix of


Track Bars; SEE Race Car Technology

Tracks; SEE
           Board Tracks  
           Dirt Tracks
            Indoor Tracks   
            Road Courses
            names of specific tracks, ie, Winchester Speedway            

Tractor Pulls

Tracy, Paul

Traditions; SEE Indianapolis Motor Speedway–Traditions

Trail-Way Speedway

Trammell, Greg

Trans-Am Series

Transcontinental Races

Transporters, Race Car; SEE ALSO Transporters, Race Car–Driving Competition

Transporters, Race Car–Driving Competition

Travis Carter Race Team

Treichler, Merv

Tremont Family

Trenton International Speedway; SEE Trenton Speedway

Trenton Speedway

TRG Motorsports; SEE Racers’ Group

Tri-City Speedway

Tri-County Motor Speedway

Tri-County Race Track

Tri-County Speedway (Ohio)

Tri-State Speedway

Trickle, Dick

Triplett, David Jr.

Triplett, Ernie

Triplett, Kevin

TriStar Motorsports



Trophy Queens; SEE ALSO names of specific people, ie, Vaughn, Linda

Troxel, Melanie

Truchan, Steve

Truck Racing; SEE ALSO
            Camping World Truck Series
            Craftsman Truck Series

Truelove, Russ

Truex, Martin Jr.

Truex, Ryan

Tryson, Pat

Tucson Speedway

Ti;;ois. Bob

Tulsa Speedway

Turkey Derby; SEE Wall Stadium

Turner, Curtis

Turner Motorsports

Turner, Steve

Turner, Tommy

Turpin, Jim

24 Hours at Daytona; SEE Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

24 Hours of Le Mans; SEE this folder at the beginning of the T's

Twin City Speedway; SEE North Star Speedway

Twin Car Drafting; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Twin State Speedway: SEE Claremont Speedway

Two Car Drafts; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Tyler, Lois

Tyner, Roy