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Financial Literacy: Videos

This guide will cover topics related to financial literacy for college students.

Managing Your Money

This video puts money under a microscope as it looks at budgeting it, spending it wisely, and protecting it (and, by extension, that all-important credit rating) Specifics include opening a checking account, writing checks, making deposits, and balancing a checkbook; using ATM and debit cards; applying for a loan; and deciding whether to opt for a credit card-and if so, how to use it responsibly.

Flying Solo

As students get ready to move away from home, "How will I pay for all this?" may not be at the front of their minds. This video features interviews with young adults who have made the transition and beneficial tips on budgeting, credit cards, debit cards, loans, and more.

Saving and Investing

This program helps students make sense of the many ways to save and invest money.