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Useful Apps: Browzine

We continue to subscribe to Browzine. Ignore the message.

We're working on fixing the log-in to Browzine.  For now, ignore the message (hit "OK"), choose "Appalachian State University," and log in with your AppalNet username and password (not name and Banner ID#).

Browzine is expecting to release its web version July 1st.

Browzine -- Setting it up

We now have Browzine, an Ipad and Android app.  You can set up many of our subscribed journals in an app for easy access.  Then browse current issues of your journals, read articles online, and save some of them for later offline reading.


• From your iPad (please note that BrowZine works best on iPad 2 or later), download BrowZine from the App Store and install it.
• When you open BrowZine for the first time, you will see a list of schools, please select Appalachian State; then, enter your name and Banner ID#.
• Select the subject areas and start browsing!


We have also made the Android version of BrowZine available for Appalachian State users.  It can be downloaded from the Google Play or Kindle/Amazon stores -- same process as above.  Please note that our supported devices are the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire HD.

If you've already used Browzine to access Open Access journals

If you have previously downloaded BrowZine and have been using our Open Access library, you will first need to log out of that library.  To do so, open BrowZine and tap the Settings button at the bottom; in the Settings page, tap the Change Library button in the upper right.  The list of libraries will appear, please follow the above steps.


Browzine is a great way to access journals in your discipline.


What journals do we have on _________?

Also, Browzine is a good way to generate a list of journals that we have available in your discipline.  Browzine will give you current journals and journals with short embargo access (e.g., 6-12 months delay).

For Nutrition, Browzine shows 58 ASU-subscribed journals under 4 subcategories.  Under Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, it will give access to:

●American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

●Clinical Nutrition

●Clinical Nutrition Supplements

●Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition

. . . and 9 other journals . . .

●Nutrition in Clinical Practice

●Topics in Clinical Nutrition

This may be useful for student assignments and accreditation documentation.

For more information

For more information or to comment on this app, contact
John Wiswell, 262-7853

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